How To Prepare For First Surfing Lesson And Enjoy Memorable Experience?

To gain an optimistic surf learning experience, it is wise to prepare yourself first. Surfing is physically taxing sport, so make sure you are reasonably fit. You will need good swimming skills, therefore regularly visit the local pool. You will also need to look for a good surf training program.

Right equipment

Moreover, buy the right equipment. You will see many kinds of surfboards, surf gear, and wetsuits. Amongst this many are unsuitable for beginners. Big foam surf board is better for beginners. It ensures that you catch waves easily as well as avoid getting hurt because while learning you will spend the whole day falling off or onto the board.

If you will surf in cold water then ensure to choose a good wetsuit. It will help you comfortably stay in water until the waves are consistent. You will need surfboard leash and wax.

Right school

If you plan a vacation in Nosara then choose Bodhi Del Mar’s Surf Lessons to indulge in an impressive surfing experience. As a guest you will have experienced team, best waves, and awesome climate. Make sure you too indulge in an open mind and positive attitude. It is crucial that you eliminate any fear during the first lesson and think optimistically. Starting with a negative mentality means you have already opened doors for failure. Being ready influences your confidence level and allows to learn the surfing etiquettes and techniques and soon you will be dashing up on the board.

Live the moment

Surfing forces to live the moment, making all worries and expectations fade away. No one can expect to turn into a pro overnight or never make mistakes or never fall in the water. Eliminate your disappointments, frustrations, and complains, so as to concentrate on relishing the moment. Remember, best surfers have most FUN. Soon, your stress vanishes and you start feeling comfy in riding waves with smile. Quality surf training helps to avoid injuries and simultaneously perform better, catch more waves as well as enjoy an amusing surf lesson.

Practice surf techniques                                    

The first step will be to balance on the board. It sounds simple but needs practice. You can watch standup technique videos, so as to practice on ouch or bed. It can be good interval workout without the need of an instructor, board or waves. Enhancing popup technique offers a good kick start to your surfing skills and confidence.

Get familiar with the rip tide

‘Rips tide’ is fast moving and powerful channel of water, which moves away from shore directly and cuts through breaking waves line. Rid tide is capable to carry strong swimmer away from shore. Rip tide has some recognizable characteristics like a choppy water channel, line of debris or seaweed flowing out steadily towards the sea, and disrupted incoming wave’s pattern.

The instructors will teach you to identify rip tides and how to escape in case you got caught. You may seem concerned at the moment but it is crucial to maintain calmness in such situations. Panicking and thrashing around will make you waste energy. Therefore learn about tide current safety prior going in the water.