How To Make Your Home Pest Free

If you are suffering through a pest problem you may experience worse things than embarrassment. Watching a rat run through the kitchen when friends and family are over for dinner may be humiliating but experiencing a full blown termite infestation can damage your home irreparably. Knowing what to look for can help you address the issue before your little pest problem grows into something serious.

Using a combination of homemade remedies and professional help contains the pest issue quickly.

Follow these tips to create a pest free environment in your home.

Spot the Source and Get Rid of it

Pests usually take up residence in or around your home because their food source is readily available. Roaches feed on crumbs and other food particles. Scorpions and other predatory creatures feast on roaches and other insect prey. Get rid of the pest by getting rid of its meal source. Clean your home regularly by sweeping, brooming and mopping your floors to keep it free of crumbs and other food stuffs irresistible to roaches and other pests.

Make sure to mop up spills immediately. Don’t let sugary juices sit around for too long as this proves to be a tempting magnet for bugs. Your vermin problem will vanish because once roaches and their predators don’t have a food source handy they decide to exit stage left.

Eviction Notice

Send out an eviction notice by taking down the pest’s home. Call it eminent domain if you’d like. For example, scorpions prefer to live in moist, damp wood piles. Take down the wood pile in your backyard if the wood has started to rot. If you do store kindling during wet months make sure you cover the wood with a plastic, waterproof tapeline. Keep the wood elevated by using a stand or similar device to raise the kindling. Make the pile inhospitable to scorpions and centipedes. By doing so you’ll have mailed an eviction notice directly to these little nasties.

End your rodent problem by keeping your grounds clear of bird food and other food stuffs. Feel free to distribute bird seed during the day time hours but scoop up the seeds at night. Since most birds feed during the day and rats and mice tend to be nocturnal creatures it makes sense to trash the seed. If you feel feral dogs or dogs clean up any excess food before you go to bed. Don’t give rats anything to nosh on and they’ll likely leave the area.

Trim Your Yard

Hire landscapers to keep your lawn neat and well-trimmed. Mice and other vermin may find a good hiding place in tall grass or shrubs. Knock down their home by hiring professional help or you can do it yourself. Buy a weedwacker to keep shrubs and bushes in check.

Speak to the Pros

Pest control professionals know specifically where to look and how to eliminate your pesky problem. Speak to the pros to address the issue quickly and easily and save your time and energy.