10 Home Removals Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague!

No matter how exciting the prospect of moving home may be, the prospect of actually moving from one property to another is one that fills most human beings with a sense of dread. In fact, most people have become so jaded with the whole moving process that rather than investing plenty of time and effort in facilitating a smooth transfer, they simply accept it’s going to be nightmarish…which of course turns out to be the case.

As far as the professionals are concerned however, it really doesn’t have to be quite as bad as all this. Needless to say, to work with the very best removal company Leicester has to offer represents the simplest and most effective way of facilitating an easy and effective property transfer. But even when bringing in teams of professionals to help out, there are still various ways and means by which people have a tendency to make things far more difficult for themselves than necessary.

So in the spirit of learning from the mistakes of others, as opposed to making the same mistakes yourselves, here’s a quick look at 10 incredibly common home removals mistakes you’d be best advised to avoid like the plague:

1 – Late Packing

Topping the table by quite a huge margin, there’s nothing quite like leaving the packing until the very last minute to throw the whole thing into chaos. The simple fact of the matter is that the later you begin packing, the more likely you are to end up running behind schedule, having your property damaged in transit, not being able to find what you want upon arrival or leaving things behind at your old property. The earlier you start, the better.

2 – Late Booking

And the same also applies to booking the services of a professional removals company as the earlier you book, the more time you have to plan and more often than not the lower the price you will pay. To book at the last minute means running the risk of both paying more and being limited in terms of provider availability.

3 – Booking Unwisely

Still on the subject of removals companies, never underestimate the importance of extensively vetting and checking up on the provider of your choice before going ahead. Suffice to say, not all removals companies are cut from the same cloth – book wisely.

4 – Forgetting to Back Up

Never forget that some of the most fragile of possessions and property within the average home are those that are technically invisible…computer hard drives, for example. You really don’t want to run the risk of losing important and perhaps irreplaceable data during the move, so be sure to back up everything of importance prior to going ahead.

5 – Poor Labelling

Chances are that at the time of packing you will fall into the natural assumption that you will know where everything is when it arrives at the other end. In reality however, things tend to work out quite to the contrary as with so many other things to deal with along the way, you’re more likely to forget where absolutely everything is…unless you label your boxes carefully.

6 – Not Measuring Up

Have you fully checked in advance whether the rooms in which you intend to accommodate your furniture are actually big enough to house them? How about the door frames – are they big enough to get everything through? Don’t just make assumptions, but instead make the effort to take full measurements.

7 – Ignoring Insurance

Going back to the subject of the removals company you work with, have you taken the time to look into whether or not they are insured and to what extent?  The vast majority of removals companies work with certain insurance limitations and exceptions – some however offer vastly more protection and peace of mind than others.

8 – Not Cleaning the New Place

If the option is made available to you, it is in your best interests to give the new place a thorough clean before beginning the moving process. The reason being that you’ll have more than enough to deal with anyway, without having to worry about the fact that things aren’t exactly on the pristine side.

9 – Not Addressing Clutter

A quick yet crucial point, always make sure you use the relocations process as the perfect opportunity to go through your stuff and get rid of as much clutter as possible. If you don’t, you can rest assured you’ll regret it.

10 – Packing Valuables Away

Last but not least, never under any circumstances pack away the kinds of valuables that you absolutely cannot afford to live without or lose. From passports to travel tickets to credit cards to cash and so on and so forth, there are certain things you really should be keeping on your person at all times during the move rather than at the bottom of some random box somewhere.