Doing Your Kitchen Remodel Right: Top Tips

Remodeling is one of those things that you feel both excited about, and dread, at the same time. This is particularly true of the kitchen, which is the heart of many homes. Carefully planning your remodel is important for any project, but particularly so for the kitchen, where functionality takes center stage. Here are just a few tips to get you going:

What Do You Need?

This is the first thing to which you need to give some thought . It is easy to get carried away with all the ‘fun’ aspects of the remodel—picking tiles, colors and countertops, at the expense of function. How often do you cook? How many people typically gather in the kitchen? Is this area just for food prep or does it double as the primary family meeting area or your home office?

Give some careful thought to this question—the answer usually goes a lot deeper than what you may initially be thinking.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

While you may not have the type of budget where anything goes, there is a difference between keeping costs down and just being outright cheap. The latter will cause lots of problems down the line. There are certain places where it isn’t a good idea to cut corners. You want to purchase high-quality windows. Make sure drawer slides are top-quality so drawers won’t stick. Buy good hinges so cabinet doors stay closed. If you are getting new cabinets, make sure the interior is durable—go for wood veneer rather than particle board or laminate. Don’t buy drawers that are made of particle board or stapled together.

Don’t Forget to Add Personal Touches

While looking at magazines and what have you are great for helping you figure out what you want, don’t forget to add some personal touches to your kitchen to make it a truly unique space that reflects your personality. Be careful not to turn it into an exact replica of something you would see in a showroom. Not only will you be happier with the overall aesthetics, the time you spend in this space, which is the heart of the home, will be thoroughly more enjoyable.

Take Maintenance into Consideration

Not all kitchen materials are considered equal when it comes to issues of maintenance. Before picking out your countertops, flooring and what not, consider how much upkeep a particular material would require, and whether it would be the best fit for how the kitchen will be used, and your personal preferences as far as how much time you like to spend cleaning.

Textured materials like slate or brick are great for camouflage ,but are harder to clean; if you don’t use your kitchen all that much, they become less high-maintenance. Stainless steel is great for that sleek, modern look, but if your kids come and go grabbing snacks, or you let your kitties traipse around the kitchen, you will be spending a lot of time cleaning smudges.