Galaxy Note 5

In this world of Android smart phones, we have become so advanced that our technology is always ready with its successor. And when it comes to successor, how can we ignore the rumors that flood the market long before the arrival of the technology. Samsung Note 5, which is expected to land soon this year is all fired with the rumors. Samsung is one of those firms who is the consistent player of this rumor world for its dynamic nature and leadership .

All tech lovers are desperately waiting for the rolling out of the phablet, but if that is taking long, they would be happy to know the features they are likely to experience in this magic called Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Here we come with some of the most expected features which you are likely to get in note 5 , according to rumors and tech experts.

Larger Display, Better Visuals:

In any upgraded version , the first thing that attracts our eyes is the display or the screen size of a smart phone. And in the present smart phone series generation, we are constantly seeing the enlargening of screen with every new version . This is expected from Note 5 as well. According to the rumors , Note 5 is likely to come with a screen size of 5.9 inches with 4k resolution.

Better Designs And Sizzling Looks:

According to the tech experts, Galaxy note 5 is likely to have a metallic body which is suggestive that we can expect a more dashing phablet this time which will have more sizzling looks.

Better Memory:

If lesser storage capacity has always been a pain for you, then Samsung is going to give you its cure this year. Note 5 is going to have two variable memory – 32GB & 64GB which is further expandable up to 128GB.

Better Camera, Improved Picture Quality:

Note 5’s camera is going to prove itself as a blessing for the photography lovers. Yes, you got it right! According to some sources & rumors as well, Note 5 will be having the primary camera of 20MP along with a front camera of 5-6 MP. Now have more memories with better picture quality.

Enhanced RAM:

Previous year, we have seen 3GB of memory as a commonality or a general trend . This year , 4GB seems like becoming a trend and it will be present in Note 5 as well. It is likely to shift our focus from laptops to phablets.

Processor With A Better Speed:

A processor without a good pace is of no use and that smart phone is also not a good investment, isn’t it? But worry not , Note 5 will prove to be a good investment as it has a quad core processor of 3 GHz.

Advanced Operating System:

Note 5 is expected to land with an advanced operating system which would most probably be – 6.0 , still to be named.

Security Measures :

Samsung is working on providing us more security measures like TouchID , retine scanner and fingerprint scanner. All these are going to be really an innovation.

Longer Battery:

Battery is something which all of us expect and want to improve in the future smartphones. Without a longer battery,  android phone is nothing. Therefore, Samsung is likely to gift us with a battery of 3400-3900mAh with an ultra saver mode.

More Immune:

Now your phone doesn’t need a doctor as it has an improved immunity system with the technologies like water resistance , dust resistance and scratch resistance.

This must have made you very excited but just wait till IFAevent (september 2015) when note 5 will be released and keep your budget prepared because its not going to be an easy deal. Its likely To be in the range of 800$-1000$ or 51,000-60,000 INR.

Stay around for more updates!