Know The Difference Between Web Development And Web Designing

You might have noticed most people using the terms web designing and web development interchangeably. However if you are thinking they have the same meaning, you are wrong. The two terms have got two distinctive meaning. If you are about to choose a job in this field or about to build a website of your own, you should understand the exact difference between the two. One might be able to understand the basic different from the terms itself. One is designing and the other is development. Designing is a creative process, whereas development is a technical-oriented process.

Web Design:

Design is all about the look and appearance of a website. It is the customer-facing part when compared to that of development. A designer should understand how to design the website that can attract users. Apart from that, a web design should be able to make the customer interact with. A good, efficient designer will understand the basics of designing a website and how to make it eye-grabbing. They should design it in a way that customers can navigate easily.

The designing trends keep on changing according to the technological advancements. The changing lifestyle of people also has an impact on web designing and development trends. Responsive web site design is one of the latest trends in web designing. Updating your web site design with the latest trends will help you to increase business and remain in the top in this competitive world. It will bring better results in marketing and SEO works. You can make your web site stand out in the competition using the latest trends in your website design. A good web designing company in Kerala can offer you the best designed website.

Web Development:

Web development process is considered as the back-end procedure in creating a website. It includes interactions on the pages and programming using various computer languages. The main function of a web developer is to focus on how the website work and how customers can communicate through it. Good developers will be well-informed about almost all the computer languages and to run a website effectively. Trends had influenced the field of web development too. Web developers are now about creating responsive websites that can other devices like smartphones and tablets apart from desktop computers.

However, a web designer usually will have some basic knowledge in programming languages like PHP, HTML and JavaScript. A developer will also be aware of the basics of website design and its importance. When you are choosing a company to build your website, or about to choose a job, be sure about the service that you really want. Be sure whether it is web development or design. If you are choosing web designing or development, make sure that you are choosing the right people who know the difference between web design and web development. You will be able to find a good web design/ web Development Company in the present scenario.