SHJLPACK -The Association For Packaging & Processing Technologies

Founded in 1998, SHJLPACK is really a trade association comprised of greater than 300 member firms that manufacture packaging, processing and packaging-related transforming machinery, in a commercial sense of available packaging machinery components, containers and materials within the South-East Asia, Hong Kong and Europe .SHJLPACK Packaging Corporation signifies greater than twenty years of leadership and innovation. We’re flexible packaging focus on creative methods to packaging issues with emphasis on hot rolled and cold rolled coils .Our office is situated from Shanghai in China.

SHJLPACK may be the China fundamental industries corporation, among the world’s leading producers of stretch wrapping machine, Coil tilter .It is really a stretch wrapping machine contract packager that’s been supplying innovative methods to leading packager, bearing wrapping machine and automatic bearing packing line since 1998. Since it is privately owned serves the plan, ever changing needs of their clients with great agility and speed. Quality assurance remains vital at best, where all staff maintain an exemplary standard of customer compliance.

Stretch wrapping machine of the optimum solution for long-term investment with customer-specific solution: optimally customized to customer needs and turning platform with flexible ramp adjustment (analogue to type HRW), optimum integration in to the logistics concept with link with reel transport lines .It also owe space-saving drive-over platform solution ,various extension choices are available (trough paint rollers for lateral reel separation, integrated balance, double trough, radio-controlled turning automatics, etc.). Because of robust construction synchronous turn stroke rich in-performance double cylinder frontal or lateral reel loading or unloading. Stretch wrapping machine process is done according to customers’ required quality and dimensions with our expert operators. Periodic dimension controls are applied during

SHJLPACK provides a wide range of cold folded coils tilter items in using both Coils and Slit Coils with excellent surface quality and mechanical qualities which include hardness, tensile and ductility which are more appropriate for a lot of sophisticated manufacturing programs apart from individuals satisfied by stretch film coil wrapping machine items portfolio .It enhance the workability for a number of programs .In the current business community .We all know that both quarterly targets and long term methods are essential. We obtain how business works and just what brings sustained growth and market leadership. It’s from your customers’ commercial ambitions that people challenge things as they are. It’s with relentless drive and genuine commitment that people deliver with that challenge .It is among the world’s leading producers of packaging.