Food For The Forces Charity Drive Brings In $5K and Thousands Of Pounds Of Groceries

In this article, we have something hailing all the way from Canada newspapers. It is a very interesting and eye-opening news, with lots of facts in it. Food charity is a drive organized by Josh Toney. His motive is to expand this charity drive to an annual one. He is completely dedicated to it, even more, he has a huge team of members supporting him. This news is grabbing lots of attention and readers in Canada Newspapers. Successful they raised $5,000 for the forces charity drive. Eatables were arranged from every part of the country.

Josh Toney, uploaded a video for the food plea on the internet and was really unaware that how many of them would assist and accompany him. After several desperate plea from the Veteram Food Bank, others did not react much, but he was the one to take the first step with his team. He was much disheartened to see such situation and his contribution to this was remarkable.

After hearing this plea, he straight took out his smartphone and click a video of 56 seconds asking a plea for the same. He addresses the public saying that, bring all the donations to Walmart parking on the 130th Avenue S.E. This video really did wonders and people from all parts of Canada collected food all in one place and packed and transported it really well.

The world newspapers have this on their front page on that day. Everybody was much curious reading this. Josh Toney was standing in front of the trailer and this video was shoot there itself. He claims that there is a lot of shortages of food this year and they will be needing extra help. He was much motivated to do this.

He quoted that you can come here just to say hi and can donate generously. Even more, he says our veterans have done so much for us it is our time to pay back the contribution to the nation. They have done a lot for their nation. This time we should not step back when it comes to helping them. It is like a privilege for us that we are getting an opportunity to help them with a meal.

Finally, the one-ton cube van was filled with lots of food after each one’s contribution. This brought a smile to Josh’s face. He was very glad that video really worked. Ultimately he also got a cheque of $5, 000. This will definitely prove to be beneficial for the veterans. The donation also helped fill a seven-meter trailer. They only factor that drove Toney to help the veterans is that because of then we have had good and peaceful nights. It was very difficult for them to make their ends meet.

Donations were raised in recent weeks. Since it was announced officially everybody actively participated. There was no single house that was left behind.

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