Avail the Services of Air Ambulances for your Loved Ones

Medical emergencies can happen to anyone. In such situations, you need to be mentally prepared. Yes, when your loved one is seriously ill and requires medical help, you cannot be calm, but this is required for the sake of your loved ones. A single mistake on your part can prove to be drastic for your loved ones’ health.

When to Opt for Air Ambulances

Air ambulances function like any other ambulances that you find in hospitals. The only difference is that the services make use of helicopters, jets or turboprops to transport patients injured in remote locations to nearby medical facilities.

Depending on the criticality of the situation, you can opt for different type of aircrafts. Rotary wings aircrafts can be beneficial for short distance travels, while jets comprise of medical equipments such as CPR machines, ECG monitors and sufficient place to accommodate both the injured and their relatives. These are suitable for long distance travel.

Many a times when a patient needs to be transported to any hospital located at a different country, air ambulance services can be availed. For instance, if a patient has to be shifted from Belize to a hospital in US, then the hospital will call for an air ambulance in Belize to transport the patient. Here the hospital arranges for the transport and the patient does not have to pay from their pocket.

Different Types of Services Offered By Air Ambulances

The different types of services offered by air ambulances include:

  • Direct assistance accidents
  • Critical Care services
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Basic Life Support
  • Organ transplant
  • Neonatal Care

Direct assistance accidents are suitable when a person in injured in a mishap or accident and requires to be transported to a medical facility for treatment

Critical care is requested when a person is suffering from a stroke or has been critically injured and requires immediate medical assistance.

Advanced life support is necessary for patients who require some degree of life support such as ventilators or ECG monitoring. Basic life support is when the patient needs minimal life support but require medical care.

When an organ recipient or the organ transplant team needs to be transported, the organ transplant services might prove to be useful to you. Similarly, when a new born or a baby is in dire need of medical treatment, but the necessary medical equipment is not available, these services can be availed.

Air Ambulance Policies

Yes, you never know when this might come in handy. Many of the travel insurance companies do not cover air ambulance services. In such situations, you might want to opt for air ambulancespolicies from reputed companies.

Ensure that you choose the air ambulance services as per your needs and preferences. Research your options carefully. Go through the contract and ask a lot of questions, before committing yourself to an air ambulance service.  Accordingly you can ask your insurance company to add an extra coverage for your air ambulance policy.


Air ambulances play a very pivotal role when it comes to offering medical services to people that require transporting from one location to another. A good and reputed air ambulance service will have trained and experienced staff that will look after the injured.

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