One Bedroom Granny Flat Designs – Optimum Use Of Property And Apartments

Granny flat designs are unique and these are one of a kind. In fact these are the most optimum usage that you can get for a property that you can later let out or use it to generate other sources of income. These kind of flat designs are found in most parts of the world now. With children moving out early, this set up works fine for the parents. They are also happy that elders are there with them and this lays the foundation of a joint family system that was recently eroded due to the predominance of the nuclear family values.

One Bedroom Granny Flat Designs – Prime Features

  • You can effectively take advantage of your dockyard without a significant investment. This means that you can combine some rooms and get some space connected to the living, dining, and kitchen area yet has a separate entrance.
  • One bedroom granny flat designs comprise studio apartments. This features a bathroom that is tiled, equipped kitchen, eating area such as dining space, dual living and sleeping areas. This comes equipped with all the regular features that are available in a modular space such as the cabinets and the furnishings. To add to the aesthetic value you can also thorn in stone bench tops.
  • A home short on space can be properly utilized and organized to make way for the granny flat designs. It will be more functional and you can have a front porch that will make the home stand apart from the rest. Spaces saving ideas are amiable all over the internet and even at your local interior designers. Choose the one that most suits your tastes and preferences.
  • A one bedroom granny flat can be let out to earn additional income and this has been established by new laws pertaining to the same. This is great news for investors and also the owner occupiers who are looking out for additional passive income. These new laws were made due to the housing shortages that are prevalent all over in developed countries.

Requirements for Building a Granny Flat

  • Floor area should be within fifty square meters in the urban developed areas and up to eight square meters in the rural areas.
  • You can build only one dwelling that is an independent one and this is again up to fifty square meters.
  • The independent unit can have a car park space
  • The standard building setbacks and the height necessities are the same to maintain conformity in the building standards.
  • Most of the real estate developers and architects are well aware of the laws and territorial changes from time to time. You can take their services and consult before investing and renovating the flat using the one bedroom granny flat designs. This added knowledge will help you capitalize more on your investment.

Tips on getting started

Firstly you should be aware of the area or the province where you belong and also the rules and regulations that bind it from time to time. This is necessary to know what lies in your limits and to make sure that you don’t cross the line. Changes happen from time to time and there are differences based on suburban areas and cities or major towns. These consultancy services will stand you in good stead and protect you from breaching the law.

Blueprints for the granny flat plans are available all over and you can also get quotes based on your selection. You can go through internet with the best possible selection depending on your budget plans.