Ethical Approach Towards Genome Modifications Of The Baby

There is a proper ethical approach related to every part of medical technology and the use of medications. Ethical part comes from the social and cultural impact of the people on the medical facility and every part of the society needs to be taken into account before the formulation of ethics in that particular field. The ethical aspect comes from using the scientific advancements just for the betterment of the society and should be balanced for the society and must not be particular for any person. It is important to make sure every common flaw of the system is taken into account. The changes in the genetic characteristics of a baby can be done during a cellular stage of formation of that baby.

Ethical Challenges Associated With Genetic Formulation Of Babies

There are various reasons for which genetic modifications are performed in the cellular stage of the fetus. The most common one among them is the genetic disorders and traits of those diseases are based on the family tree of the baby. Therefore they need to suffer from the disease even if they are not prone to the infections or any such pathogen that causes the disease. The predetermined diseases have created major loss among the world population previously and now with the use of genetic formulation and genome changing the whole problems is controlled. The chances of getting along with germline modification moratorium are prominent considering ethical perspective.

Genetic engineering has created some modern marvels in the developments made in the field of medicine. Some diseases that were previously treated with medication dosage can now be nullified with the proper use of genetic manipulation. The genetic changes make a person immune against various diseases. But there is always a different side to any modern scientific technology that depicts the advancements. There are negative effects of genetic engineering as well and there forms the ethical part of gene manipulation. Some grave problems are there in the society which proves that gene manipulation needs to be under control and help the people only to control disorders.

Many people are there who intend to have the children developed with certain genetic changes that can improve the intelligence quotient. These genes can be triggered so that the resultant changes are always towards the betterment of the baby itself. The process of gene manipulation for the development of superhuman who is going to be perfect in their own work is under the ethical radar. It is banned from practice and the people who perform these genetic engineering should know all that they are bound to comply and are according to the law. Therefore germline modification ethics needs to be clearly stated to the people performing it so that they can learn the limit up to which they should help their patients.


It is important that people learn to differentiate between things that are ethical or unethical to the society. The changes made through science must create a positive impact on the society as a whole and not just individuals.