Risks Kratom – Safe Use

What are the risks of taking kratom? It is safe?

When kratom taken alone (without mixing with other drugs), the greatest danger is falling asleep while performing hazardous activities. NEVER drive under the influence of kratom, even if you feel energized rather than sleepy, since drowsiness may occur without notice. You should always use common sense. Do not use power tools or climbing stairs while under the influence of kratom. We must be careful not to leave a pot on the stove and then fall asleep. To learn more visit site of kratom legend

Pregnant women should not take any drug or medication except under medical supervision. Because no studies have been conducted on the risks of kratom use in pregnant women it is not known whether it can cause birth defects or fetal death. It is imperative that women who believe they may become pregnant should not consume kratom.

Is kratom addictive?

Although a small number of people are dependent on kratom (primarily in Thailand), kratom in itself is not habit forming when used responsibly. If consumed occasionally, there is virtually no risk of becoming dependent. Therefore it is extremely important not to fall into the habit of taking it every day. Kratom, like many drugs (such as alcohol, coffee, snuff, etc.), if taken daily for an extended period of time could be a hard habit to break. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO CONSUME KRATOM EVERYDAY. Before you start taking it would be advisable to set a pattern of use. If you think it is difficult to stay within your usage guidelines it is advisable to stop using kratom immediately.

Avoid Dependence Kratom

What are the guidelines for safe use?

Best bet is caution. Thus, it is recommended that people do not consume kratom more than once a week. Preferably not more than once or twice a month. This will ensure that Kratom does not become a habit. In other words, kratom should be reserved as a special gift. By using infrequently prevent addiction and consume more pleasure.