How to Crack SAP SD Interview As A Fresher

The SAP Sales and Distribution is a rewarding course that enables a candidate to learn the a-zs of ERP. But to bag a job in this field, it’s very crucial to answer the following set of SAP SD Interview Questions and ace the interview.

What is SAP Sales and Distribution?

SAP Sales and Distribution, or SAP SD, is one of the critical modules of SAP ERP. It is known to store the customer and product data of a business.

It completes the SAP Logistics module by playing the part of maintaining the customer relationship, right from raising a quotation to making a sales order, and billing of the product or service. This module is in close integration with other units like SAP Material Management and PP.

There’s a term called Organization structure in SAP Sales and Distribution. What does it mean?

The two major steps comprising the organization structure of SAP SD are: First is to build organization elements in the SAP system and next, link each element as per requirement. The Sales organization is at the topmost level of the organization structure in SD module. Its responsibility is the distribution of goods and services.

According to SAP, the number of Sales organizations in the organizational structure should be minimum, so that the reporting process becomes easy. Ideally, there should be a single Sales organization.

In SAP Sales and Distribution, what do you understand by the terms Sales area, Distribution channel, and division?

  • The medium by which goods and services are delivered by an organization to its end users is called Distribution Channel. And, Division in an organizational structure basically, represents a product or service line in a single administrative body.
  • Defining a Sales area, it is known as the entity required to process an order in a company. Sales area consists of the Sales organization, division, and a distribution channel.
  • In the SAP SD organizational structure, there’s one sales organization assigned per company code. Furthermore, the Distribution channel and divisions are then allotted to the Sales organization. So, they all together make a Sales area.

Exemplify SD unification with Material Management.

Let’s take a case of generating a sales order in SAP SD which involves copying an item’s details from Material Management.

MM also provides with the availability check of the item and its price details. Lastly, to create the inbound and outbound transfer of goods for a sales order, the shipping details and other data also comes from Material Master.

What is a Sales activity, and its different kinds that you perform in SD?
All Sales activities in the SAP SD system can be divided into presales and post-sales activities. The classification is simple. Activities which occur before the product sales are Presales activities and Post-sales activities are those which occur after the product is sold.

  • Pre Sales Activities − Inquiry, Quotation
  • Post Sales Activities − Assistance, Relationship management

How can a quotation in SAP Sales and Distribution be created?

When a legal document is issued to the customer for delivery of goods and services, it is called as a quotation. It is normally issued after an inquiry from the customer or sometimes, even without an inquiry.