Drupal 8 Plays Vital Role In Web Design Process Both To Designers And Users

Drupal is an open source Content Management System that has helped the web designers across the globe to create attractive websites. Every version of Drupal has unfolded various ways for developing websites. The new version of Drupal, also known as Drupal 8 has stored in it various techniques that can help the designers in the process of web designing. The introduction of this version has also proved to be a major cause of excitement among the community of web designers who use this open system software. The features of this open software are that it helps the designers to develop websites fast and efficiently.

Supports Responsive Web Designing

Drupal 8 extends support to responsive web designing. This aids the web designers to build websites, resize the various graphics as per the screen of the device where the website is viewed. Thus, the users can have a clear view of the websites even with their portable device. A great advantage of this new version is that you can avail a number of new themes that are also responsive in nature. Designers can save both time and money with the use of this software. Until the introduction of Drupal 8, web development has never been so easy.

Aids the HTML5

Problems related to the use of the markup language have also been resolved with the Drupal 8. There are supportive features for the latest version of the markup language. The HTML5 was a cause of concern for the developers, but now they can design the websites with ease. The templates are also much simplified in this version of Drupal. In this CMS, graphics is resized automatically and the users need not undertake any action in this regard. The input tools that are catered by the CMA also have a significant role in the web designing process.

Helps in Developing Multilingual Websites

Developing multilingual websites is now easy with the Drupal 8.Developers have access to translation software with this CMS, these are sent from the Drupal community to the developers and designers. In fact, if you want to migrate the websites that were coded in the early version to the new Drupal 8 then that is also easy.In the last versions, migration of the websites was not convenient. So irrespective of the fact that your website is coded with Drupal 6 or 7, you can shift the same effortlessly to Drupal 7. Updating the website is also very easy with the new version of the CMS.

Fewer Modules this Time

Unlike the last versions, this version does not come with innumerous modules. Since this come with fewer modules, it also occupies less space in the hard disk. Owing to this reason, it also operates fast than the last versions of the CMS. This is developer-friendly open software that has even more scope of development in the future. Managing content will be much easier for the users with this software. There has been significant development in this version of Drupal as content management is flexible and efficient. In the Drupal 8, a WYSIWYG has been incorporated that makes the content management process easy and successful.

Editing is Easy

Few of the features of content management that are prominent in this new version of CMS is in-place editing.Now, you can edit the content from the front-end of the website rather than from the back-end. Just click on the edit tab and then you will be redirected to the page where you need to conduct the different editing. Without editing the pages, you can edit specific portions of the page. If you are working on a large project with numerous developers and designers,this version of CMS can be of great help to you. The configurations are stored in various files rather than the database.

Author Bio: Samantha Dickson is a web designer and she used open source CMS to do so. She is full of appreciation for the new Drupal 8.

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