Best Places To Look For Office Space In Los Angeles

Because of the high population density in its cities, California can be a difficult place to find office space. In major population centers like Los Angeles, however, there are certain neighborhoods and locations that usually yield excellent space for rent or purchase. When you are looking for office space in Los Angeles, California, make sure that you include the locations below in your search.

The Hub LA

Located right in downtown Los Angeles, the Hub is a large co-working space and innovation lab that allows you a lot of interaction with different businesses who may be able to provide some insight, ideas, or cooperation that will let your organization thrive. Some of the perks of this location include consultations from expert members, weekly catered lunches, and access to free peer-to-peer workshops. A number of notable organizations either currently operate in the Hub or have used it in the past, including the Imagination Foundation, the Economist, and Crowdrise. This is an affordable space that can get crowded but which offers a lot of different innovation possibilities.

Westside Towers

Located near the intersection of Bundy and Olympic in West Los Angeles, Westside Towers provides a great view of the city and is accessible to most commuters. The two distinctive-looking towers are each 12 stories tall and have a large outdoor plaza between then. They are designed to be distinctive and serve as landmarks in the Los Angeles area, which makes it easy to provide directions to clients and suppliers. The price of renting office space in these buildings is higher than in many smaller, more out of the way office spaces, but if you can afford it this area offers advantages when it comes to location, worker morale, maintenance support, and overall accessibility.

The Plaza

Located on Century Park East, the Plaza is an ideal location for companies that hope to provide a high-end look and feel to their business. The rent prices on the Plaza tend to be fairly high, but the building offers a lot of different amenities and plenty of customization to fit your business needs. Suits in this building range from as small as 125 square feet to as large as 800 square feet. Amenities include an outdoor courtyard with complementary WiFi, a valet service, and an on-site print and copy service. If you want your customers and clients to come into an area where it feels like they are being catered to exclusively, this is a good option to pursue, even if it does cost you a bit more when it comes to your rent.

The options presented above show some of the choices you will have whether you want a low-cost, mid-range, or high-end office space. You may also wish to consider an office space consulting firm such as, as these provide you with a way to search for spaces that fit directly within your specifications. Whether you choose such a service or not, the options above are a good way to start looking.