5 College Majors That Make The Most Money

Making a lot of money shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all goal – but it can definitely help you live a more comfortable life. This is why going to college is so important. Having a degree is a little bit like having a secret key that lets you into numerous coveted industries. If you want a position at the top, the only way to get there is with a college degree. When you are working for your diploma, it can help to know which concentration and field of study will help you make the most money. Again, money isn’t everything, but if you are aiming for the top – why not shoot for the moon. It’s perfectly fine to be ambitious. Here are five college majors that make the most money.

  1. Programming

Right now, there are countless high-paying jobs for skilled programmers. Usually, you can get a job with a technology company or start-up, because this is where the most money can be made. In most cases, the starting salary can be anywhere from 80K to 100K. If you start to get really good at what you do, you could make far more. Soon enough, you’ll have companies trying to bid for your talents.

  1. Mathematics

Many people think that mathematics is a useless subject to study, but this just isn’t true. You can actually get a high-position in many different industries with this degree. For instance, you could become an economist. Knowing numbers and complex mathematical problems can help you solve crises at banks and other financial centers. You could also apply your statistics skills to a sports team that wants to improve some of its stats. All in all, having this degree will earn you a large salary and a lot of clout.

  1. Non-profit leadership

Despite its name, you could actually make quite a bit of money in the non-profit field. Right now, the world is in a precarious place. Not only is global warming becoming a major problem – it is also start to cause other problems too. Seawater is rising, storms are stronger and it is getting much colder in some regions. Because of this, the focus on non-profit organizations to take on a greater role to address these issues is going to skyrocket. If you want to get in on the ground floor, you may want to tap into NEC’s non profit leadership degree program. Having this degree ahead of the curve will give you a huge head start in the industry and could help you land top CEO positions at large agencies.

  1. Medical Field

Of course, becoming a doctor will offer you the ability to apply for numerous high paying positions in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. However, you don’t necessarily need to be a surgeon or an aesthetician, you can also become a counselor or psychologist. With a private practice, you could be taking in at least 100K and 200K per year, depending on your level of expertise.

  1. Engineering

Another job that is sweeping the career field is that of an engineer. With new advancements in technology, building and other sectors, you can find yourself in a unique and exciting position. Not only that, but engineers get paid a handsome salary. In the end, you will need a love for engineering, but once you graduate, the world will feel like your oyster.

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