5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

If you are sick of finding yourself in the rough you are not alone. Most golfers who want to improve their game have the desire to get better but require coaching to reach the next level. Receiving golf tips from a pro can get your game together but following simple, actionable tips persistently will tighten up your swing and improve your scores.

Practice Intelligently

Hit your practice sessions with a clear plan in mind. Instead of aimlessly smacking balls around on the driving range for hours on end intelligently plan through your entire practice regimen. Warm up with stretching exercise for 15 minutes before your practice session. Use a slow swing to begin hitting balls with a wedge to loosen up your muscles. Hit a few balls with longer clubs until you eventually get to a driver. Set aside 15 minutes to work on a movement you wish to fine tune. Spend 10 minutes practicing different shots on the golf course.

Build a Pre-Shot Routine

Align your body prior to taking a stroke to enter into a pre-shot routine. Set your clubface down to face the target. Get your feet together, placing yourself behind the ball. Step forward a little bit with your left foot and more with your right foot while you focus on your target.  Practice this routine to balance yourself before taking a shot.

Pinpoint Your Biggest Weaknesses

The most successful pros improve on their weaknesses to round out their golf game. Decide on where your game is weakest. Track your rounds to handicap your game.

Finding your greatest weaknesses through careful analysis can help you become a better golfer quickly. Instead of wasting your time during practice sessions you can spend more time improving areas such as putting, chipping or driving off of the tee.

Put your ego to the side. If you want to improve your golf game look at yourself and your skills in the light of truth.

Develop a Putting Routine

Consistently follow the same putting routine to improve your short game. Figure out the line from your ball to the hole. Take a short practice stroke. Keep your eyes on the hole at all times. Place your putter directly behind the ball and stroke the ball.

You can use any ritual that works for you but do stick to the same routine every time you put to develop solid habits. Establishing a routine can help you develop peace of mind in pressurized situations and can also give you confidence in your short game.

Rotate Your Torso to Rev Up Your Engine

Most of your power comes from your torso. Many players mistakenly attempt to speed up their arm and wrist movements to generate more power, ignoring the principle of momentum. Rotating your torso creates most of the speed in your golf swing. Align yourself properly. Turn your torso away from your target. Then rotate your torso towards your target during the downswing until your right shoulder moves closer to being over your left leg.

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