Care and Expertise Can Conceal The Scars Of Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck procedures are perhaps the most sought after plastic surgery procedure in the USA. Almost 87 percent women avail the procedure to have a flat and tight tummy that gets slackened due to ageing, sudden removal of fat or pregnancy. Sono Bello clinics are the best places for tummy tuck surgery with the number of procedures undertaken racing towards the six figure mark. Sono Bello is a name that has become synonymous with various body shaping procedures that revolve around plastic surgery.  The name resonates with the confidence of its clientele that is growing at a rapid pace.  The reasons for its trustworthiness can be understood from the feedback of clients that can be viewed on Sono Bello reviews.

Addressing Concerns of Clients

The specialty of Sono Bello clinics is the amount of attention that it pays to the needs of clients. For tummy tuck procedures, the greatest fear of people is that scars might be visible ever after. Talking to the surgeons at Sono Bello that offers free no-obligatory consultation, you will know that the fear is unfounded. Although the same procedure might be followed at all places, whether the scar will be visible or not depends upon the technique of surgery, especially in placing the incision. The incision can be made at such places that are not even visible when you wear a bikini. The surgical technique that is used also influences the appearance of the scar.

Care Holds the Key

Positioning the incision is important no doubt, but to make it look innocuous you have to depend on the skill and techniques of surgery that only Sono Bello clinics can offer.  Two incisions have to be made during the tummy tuck procedure. To remove excess skin and stretch marks the horizontal incision has to be done below the panty line.  To retain the shape of the belly button, a belly button incision is done. Surgeons perform these incisions with utmost care so that the scars are minimal or almost invisible.

Taking Clients into Confidence

Having explained the outcome of scars, surgeons have yet another task in hand. They have to gain the confidence of clients so that what has been discussed during the pre-operative stages is followed in actual practice. Before the surgery, the position of the incision is marked on the body and the client’s consent is obtained about its proper placement. This is true for both incisions. Only after the client agrees with the surgeon, the procedure is performed.

Belly Button Incision

While the horizontal incision can be concealed under the panty line and does not show up when wearing a bikini, the belly button incision remains exposed, hence needs more care for giving it a natural look.  Having the incision done in the shape of an inverted U is the best choice as it nearly resembles the belly button and creates a virtual effect of viewing a belly button and not the scar.

You can know more about the care and expertise of the surgeons by reading the Sono Bello reviews that records the experiences of clients.