Some Of The Dos and Don’ts After The Car Accident

Upset driver After Traffic Accident

Car accidents are no doubt a very unfortunate event, however if anyone gets involved in such an incident, then they must remember to follow certain dos and don’ts. This is necessary in order to claim for the damage caused due to such accidents. In this article, we shall discuss some of these dos and don’ts that one should keep in their mind, if ever involved in a car accident.

Do Call the Police

Some of the states in the USA require you to call police for any kind of accident where people have suffered injuries. Some of the states however require calling police only if the damage of the accident is more than $500.

However, it is always better to call police who can help you to prepare necessary documents about the accident site, which may be necessary proof to present your case. Police will make detailed report along with various observations made about the accident scene. They will also report about the condition of the road and if any other driver is responsible for the accident or traffic violation then he will also indicate about it in his report.

Do Take Medical Treatment

Even if you are not seriously injured after any car accident, you must consult a medical professional, as some of the internal injuries are not immediately visible after the accident. If you seek medical attention after few days then it will be difficult to prove that the injury is due to the accident.

Do Take Information About Other Driver

Car accident victim must gather all information about other driver who is involved in the accident. You must take details about the car model, make, registration numbers etc. Also you must note down driver’s name, address, insurance details and cell phone numbers. If the victim is not in a position to seek this information then he may ask any other person present near the scene to do this.

Do Take Information About Witnesses

When car accidents take place, there may be many witnesses around the scene. You must get their details before they leave the scene. You may also seek help from others, in case you are physically not fit to do this.

Do Take Photographs

Car accident victim must take photographs of the scene, which will be an authentic evidence to support your case. Photographs must include the car damages, injuries and traffic signs around the scene.

Don’t Move the Car

Till you get permission from law enforcing authority, you should not move your car from the accident site.

Don’t Danger Yourself

If the car is burning or it is likely to get hit again then you must remove yourself from the area of danger.

Don’t Damage the Evidence

If you are taking your car for repair then make sure that the evidences are not destroyed.

Don’t Admit Your Fault

Never admit to anyone that the accident was caused due to your negligence.

Don’t Agree to Record your Statement without your Lawyer

Your car crash lawyer must be present while recording a statement to the insurance company.