3 Smart Tips For De-Stressing

Are your nerves frayed? Releasing stress can feel like an impossible task in today’s fast paced world. If you fully commit to de-stressing you’ll take steps to promote your peace of mind. Whether you head to spa, meditate or simply let go stressful relationships you can kill stress to create a more serene life.

No magic pill exists for removing worry and anxiety from your life but deciding to be relatively stress-free is your first decision to make in your war against stress. Don’t fall back into bad, worry-inducing habits. Take care of your mind and body and release poor influences to turn your life around.

Use these 3 smart tips for de-stressing.

Release Bad Influences

You know who they are. The bad influences. The folks who goad you to reach for your stress ball. These individuals serve little purpose in your life save to stress you out. Unless you are forced into interacting with these folks regularly delete them from your life immediately. Maybe you can’t fire your boss but that annoying one-time friend who puts your anxiety into orbit needs to go. If your boss is stressing you out so much that your blood pressure is through the roof you may just need to quit your job. Nobody is worth losing your health over.


Meditation is the ultimate stress buster. Sitting to be with your feelings encourages you to face, embrace and release your emotions. You may not become a Zen master anytime soon but you can kill stress by meditating regularly. Sit for at least 10 to 20 minutes daily. Concentrate on your breathing. If your attention wanders from your breathing note it and gently move your focus back to the air flowing in and out through your nose. Meditating is challenging for beginners but if you keep at it you’ll eventually learn how to concentrate on your breathing for the majority of your sitting sessions. Keep at it. You’ll get there.

One note; you need to meditate daily to see any appreciable effects. The goal is to observe the thoughts and feelings which run through your mind on a moment to moment basis. As you sit regularly your awareness will expand. An expanded awareness helps you to let go stress, worry, anxiety and any emotion you may be resisting. Meditate on waking to set a calm, peaceful tone for the day.

Get a Massage

Getting a deep tissue massage is one of the better ways to de-stress. Head to your local spa to kick back, relax and to get serious about taking care of your mental and physical health. During the normal course of the day stress tends to build up in your back and neck. These energies may seep throughout your being and cause you to feel worried and anxious. Getting a massage dissipates these energies. Dissolving physical blocks, aka, tension, helps to dissolve mental blocks like stress and anxiety.

Go to your local massage spa to alleviate stress and to promote your peace of mind.