Best Tips For Repelling Woodchucks or Groundhogs

Ignoring the behavior of woodchucks or groundhogs can actually spell disaster for your well maintained garden and the vegetation you’ve painstakingly grown on it. It’s always better to take care of them when they are small in number rather than wait for the moment when your troubles triple.

But, there is always a solution for all kinds of problems and the groundhogs are no exception to this rule. There are many ways to get rid of groundhogs but to be able to choose which way will work best for you, one needs to know about how groundhogs behave.

How Woodchucks Behave?

  • The burrows that groundhogs dig can be as deep as 35 cubic feet of soil, which can be destructive for your gardens.
  • If winters are long, these groundhogs resort to rapid food intake so as to sustain the season’s long duration. This essentially means your garden’s precious fruits and flowers go for a toss.
  • Groundhogs begin breeding at the mere age of two with their breeding season beginning in the month of March soon after their hibernation is over. The gestation takes about 28-32 days and the young (born in litters of 4-6) are ready to wreck havoc by six weeks.
  • Woodchucks binge on anything green and are purely vegetarian.
  • Trapping woodchucks is also of no use since it’s illegal to release them anywhere but your own home.
  • Also, owing to the fact that woodchucks are excellent swimmers and climbers, its difficult to keep them out using fencing.

Ways to Repel Woodchucks

Now that you know their behavior, some of the most effective ways of repelling groundhogs include:

  • Hair – Groundhogs do not like the smell of humans. Hence, one can throw human hair or clothes or shoes around the garden to keep them off the premises.
  • Tastes – Woodchucks don’t like the taste of red pepper and therefore one can sprinkle finely ground red pepper on plants and vegetation.
  • Stink – Human urine is a great way to repel groundhogs. Now this may sound gross but is a highly effective solution. So collect some urine in a jug and sprinkle it around to ward off woodchucks.
  • Woodchuck poison – When all measures fail, it time to resort to eradication. Woodchuck poison is the ultimate and sure shot way out of the woodchuck menace. However, ensure you check their expiry before purchase so that it works effectively.

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