Anniversary Time? 5 Practical Yet Romantic Gifts

Anniversaries, birthdays, even Christmas can be a difficult time to find your special someone the perfect romantic gift that is also practical. Flowers and chocolate are nice, but they don’t have much of a practical use and don’t require a lot of effort. These 5 practical gifts will be sure to make your loved one smile.

Beauty Products

This can be geared towards men and women and really requires some listening and thought. Pay attention to the favorite products your significant other is using, or listen for ones they want (like that new cologne or pretty eyeshadow set). If you’re feeling adventurous, go out on a limb with something new, but keep your receipt in case they can’t use it! Picking up a new tube of hair gel or a new mascara shows you’ve been listening to what they want and they get practical use, too.


Building projects in your home can be a great surprise. Whether you’re starting the process of building your own home, or just remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, a surprise re-model or blueprint is a perfect anniversary gift. Send your special someone away for the weekend and let them walk into that new kitchen or bedroom they’ve always wanted.

Kitchen Gadgets

Does your loved one love to cook? Or, at the very least, enjoy making some cocktails and lounging around? Kitchen appliances are often frowned upon, but little gadgets turned into date night can be a romantic and yet practical gift to any couple. A 10-in-1 bartending tool would be perfect for cocktail lovers. This tool contains all the necessary instruments for creating cocktails in one convenient place. Maybe your loved one prefers to bake? Grab a new set of mixing bowls or cupcake pans and spend the evening baking together.

Gift Card Scavenger Hunt

Gift cards are an easy out in gift buying, yet super practical for couples who like date nights. Instead of putting one gift card in an envelope and handing it over, buy multiple cards and leave clues to there whereabouts. A hunt shows you put thought into the gift.

Event Tickets

There’s nothing better than going out for a night on the town. Pay attention to what shows your other half would enjoy and buy them one of their favorites, even if it isn’t one of yours. You two will get the evening together while also showcasing your listening and observational skills on what they like.

This year don’t give the same gifts as everyone else. Stay romantic yet practical to really make your loved fall for you all over again.

Information Credit to FieldStone Homes, A Utah New Home Building Company.

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