4 Tips to Help You Beef up Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media grows business if used intelligently. The marketing platform expands brand awareness and targets your ideal consumer if you establish a 2 way street on your social media profiles. Social users only listen if you listen to your followers and friends on sites like twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Adopt a marathon approach to social media marketing for your business. Take your time, build trust and share value as you chattily grow your followings and business simultaneously.

Top social media coaches stress the importance of engaging before all other tips. If you do one thing well on social media websites engage like a champion to stand out from the crowd. Make an impact on your ideal customers by being an engaging, helpful business owner.

Be Social

Being social magnetizes your business to interested prospects. Social media users need to see a 2 way street before they listen to your message. People want to be heard. Ask questions. Share answers. Thank people who retweeted your tweets or Liked your Facebook updates. Start discussions on your social media sites. Respond to as many comments as possible with thoughtful, in depth insights.

Social media users are drawn to social, engaging individuals. Generate interest by being a social dynamo. All it takes is the willingness to ask questions, share answers and to persistently do so over a period of weeks and months.


Target your social media audience. Use niche specific keywords to find your target market. For example, if you want to appeal to the internet marketing audience use keywords or key phrases related to the phrase “internet marketing” throughout your updates. Make sure to share keywords naturally. Avoid spammy practices like stuffing keywords awkwardly into your updates.

Share blog content or videos related to your niche. Target your followers and friends by being known for doing 1 thing well. Brand your business. Become an expert. Stray off topic only to share fun, light updates about yourself, your family or your interests.

Share Other’s Content to Become Popular

Most businesses go about social the wrong way. Stop posting your blog or capture page links exclusively. Social media users will see you as being selfish, greedy and repelling. Become popular. Share other people’s content to be seen as a free giver. Generous individuals attract people who’re interested in their products or service.

Think karma. What you dole out on social media websites like Facebook and Google Plus flows back to you freely. Help people to receive help. Other social users will gladly promote you in return if you freely promote others.

Handle Negative Criticism with Grace

Handle negative feedback from a calm, graceful, helpful space. Marketing consultant firms like US Data Corporation, Agoura Hills, CA advise clients to process feedback effectively to build bonds. Feedback grows your business. If someone offers criticism in regards to your business thank them for their service. Ask a few more questions to get clear on their experience. Do not fight critics or act defensively. Fighting shows weakness of character and damages your brand’s reputation. Take a deep breath and respond from a positive space.

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