A Brief Know How About Poker and Its Types

Poker is quite a popular game these days, and people play it not only in their leisure time or when they want to ‘get spoilt’, while visiting Las Vegas; this game is indeed played even to raise the financial condition. It is an extremely well paying game, if you master the skills at playing it. There is a variety of Poker types that you can select from, to play, depending on your skills, availability and financial condition.

Every poker game has the same basic rule of being dealt in sets, with the variation being in how the cards are dealt, and whether a lower or a higher hand wins the game. There are four primary categories into which poker is divided: straight, stud, community and draw poker.

Originally found in the Primero games, Straight poker was principally played in the United Kingdom’s. This form of poker involves players betting in one round and a complete hand being dealt at one goes. The strategies in straight poker have become complex over the years, but traditionally, to win the pot straight five cards could be used as showdown.

The latest strategies in poker are well mastered by the third highest earning lady in poker, Annie Duke . She holds that position from a long time now, even though it is surprising to know that she had been pursuing a PhD in Psychology and was about to receive her doctorate, when she decided to drop that and under the  guidance of her brother, joined the poker world.

A Look at the Types

The Stud poker, has its recent popularity in its variant seven star stud poker., its other variants being  eight or better high low stud, high low stud Mississippi, razz, Mexican and blind stud, and six card stud. In its simplest form, this game is played by dealing , followed by a face up and face down round, after which is the round of betting. The seven card version, deals seven cards, with three facing up and four facing down, of which the player has to play his best hand.

The most undemanding, the Draw poker also has the California Lowball and Badugi as its form. In this five cards are dealt to each player facing down. The players could change their cards to better their hand, post which they are to place their bets. After the bets are placed the players must simply show their hands and the winner is decided.

The famous Texas Holdem Poker, which is played in televised tournaments and Omaha Poker, are types of the Community poker. The uniqueness of this type is that a set of community cards are dealt onto the middle of the table after the players are dealt their individual cards. These cards are for one or more players to complete their hand.

Annie Duke is a person, taken as example when the strategies of poker are considered. Knowing psychology has given her an advantage in understanding the psyche of her opponents while playing the game, and helped her analyze their hand or the math behind their moves and the ensuing outcome.

If you are an ardent fan of poker you have a great range of various types of poker to choose from and keep yourself entertained or even financially equipped.

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