Choosing a necklace design is a difficult task but a more difficult task is select necklace size. What should be the length of the necklace so that it will look perfect? Well! there is no particular answer for this, it varies and depends greatly on various factors like the blouse or the dress neckline, clothing style and the get up you need. Therefore, adjustable chains are a great solution for all occasion, all clothing styles and necklines of your outfits.


In everybody, professional world details matter a lot. In that detail’s little things like the length of the necklace, cleaned jewellery also comes. But getting the perfect size of necklace that will go with everything is not that easy. You have to face many problems like the chain is too long or too short, or it doesn’t match with the pendant. You can also make a collection of various size chains but that is also not possible for everyone. Therefore, one solution you have is an adjustable chain. No matter whether you are looking for 10 gram gold chain design or 20 gm gold chain design, always go for an adjustable size necklace.

Adjustable chains are very easy to use, easily matches with all outfit and for all occasions and also match up easily with all pendants. Have a look at how to use an adjustable chain for making the best combination with your outfit

With an adjustable chain, you can easily match the length of the chain to make it perfect every time. You can do this pulling the chain through the adjusting ball till you get your required length. This chain s come in various sizes and the most popular one is 14″-24”. You can easily adjust the chain to make it look like bold choker sometimes and official matinee sometimes. If you want an opera look, you can easily adjust to make it as long as 30″ chain. Pair off the chain with a beautiful pendant by collapsing the lobster clasp. How easy it is to make a perfect necklace. is not it?

Now have a look at some of the necessary point to consider before buying an adjustable necklace.

  • Always go for 10k gold chain or 14k gold or stainless steel, while buying an adjustable chain.
  • A wheat chain is highly durable as well as smooth.
  • Always buy a chain that is at least 1mm-2mm thick because it will last longer with less damage. With thick chains, you can pair it up with any size pendant.
  • Ensure that the chain has a lobster clasp instead of the spring ring.
  • While adjusting be sure to hold the ball and chain properly, or else you may damage the chain mechanism.

So, why you will go through all the hassles of selecting a perfect necklace when you have such an easy option. With just one necklace you will get the perfect look with every outfit. No more worries for length, pendant size and all other problems that you face because of a necklace size. A necklace is an important part of your look and you should not compromise anything for it. Next time you buy a Gold Chain Online, go for a gold chain with adjustable length.