Advice On Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

Are you preparing to go under the knife to improve your appearance? Finding a capable plastic surgeon who you connect with takes a fair amount of research on your part. Researching your prospective surgeon online and offline and sitting down for an in person interview are a few of the steps you need to take to find a good match.

Demand Board Certification

Making sure the surgeon is properly certified can ease anxiety around the process of selecting the right specialist for your procedure. The American Board of Plastic Surgery ensures that certified surgeons are specially trained, highly qualified professionals. These individuals have a low rate of complications and offer the top patient care.

Board certified plastic surgeons have completed thorough written and oral exams, have 2 years or more of professional practice, have finished 2 or more years of plastic surgery residency, have completed 3 years of general surgery and have received their degree from an accredited medical school. Consult the American Board of Medical Specialties to see if your plastic surgeon is properly certified.

Research the Surgeon’s Record

Consult your state’s medical record board to scour over your plastic surgeon’s record. You can delve into any disciplinary action taken against a plastic surgeon through strict due diligence. You can find information concerning a surgeon’s report online or offline depending on the state. Some states may release information via online methods while other states may send out reports via mail. Records of disciplinary action or settlements should be noted carefully. Your surgeon also needs to be licensed to practice within the state.

Does the Surgeon Have Hospital Privileges?

Asking this simply question can help to vet your surgeon effectively. Since hospitals do background checks you may have spotted a serious red flag if a surgeon hasn’t been given privileges by hospitals. If there are complications with surgeries doctors need to have a place to take their patients. Seeing that your doctor has hospital privileges can give you a strong vote of confidence in selecting the surgeon for your cosmetic needs.

Pepper Your Surgeon with Questions

A well informed patient comes armed to a surgeon interview. Ask as many questions regarding the procedure and their history with similar surgeries as possible to discern if you have a good match. Inquire into how many times the surgeon has performed the procedure. Ask how long the surgeon has performed the procedure and the other procedures they perform. Inquire into what the procedure entails and how long it will last? Delve into recovery times and rehabilitation methods if they apply.  Check before and after photos to see the surgeon’s handiwork.

Make sure to get a specific, detailed breakdown of fees involved with this procedure to better understand your financial commitment. When armed with the facts you can decide to move forward with the surgery and your surgeon or to move in a different direction. Never rush through the interview process. You can find out all that you need to know to make an informed, educated, firm choice.