A New Car That Pays for Itself

Buying a new car is an important step to independence and a symbol of aspiration. Exciting weekend trips and comfortable commute become expectations, rather than wishful thinking. However, a few sessions on a car loan EMI calculator are enough to make you worried about the extra costs that come along with a new car. The EMIs can loom over you like a shadow for years, preventing you from simple joys like splurging on a proper vacation or buying a DLSR for your new-found passion. Now there is a way where you can buy a new car and mitigate the EMIs that follow this acquisition.

Shared Ownership – The Way Forward

Shared ownership is a solution for this expensive affair. Zoomcar’s ZAP initiative is based on the most simple of premises. Why not get your car utilised when you don’t need it in exchange for decent money? Zoomcar provides a trusted platform for car sharing and assurances that your property is being taken care of at all times. With possible monthly earnings of up to Rs 20,000, you do not have to worry about EMI costs, effectively finding a workaround that gives you a huge discount on your dream car.

You can reduce the upfront costs of a new car when you choose ZAP. Zoomcar enjoys exclusive discounts with car manufacturers like Maruti, Hyundai and Tata so you can save a chunk before you even start listing the car. Get access to a network of financiers who will provide you with a fair car loan rate.

Tech Enabled Convenience

You can list the car on a smart and quick app without having to interact with the Zoomcar customer. Billing is transparent, and you will get details and breakdowns of your payments. You can track your car at all time through GPS.

The Starter Pack

To get started with ZAP, the car will need to be registered as a commercial vehicle, a regulatory requirement. Registering it with Zoomcar also protects the car owner from the liabilities that may occur when it is being listed on the platform. Cadabra, special software that car usage and sends alerts to owners is another requirement. These alerts help you keep track of possible maintenance issues, thereby reducing costs further.

Informed car buyers across the country are choosing ZAP as it brings the privileges of car ownership with a reduced strain on the monthly finances. Enjoy uncompromised independence and bring in much welcome extra income for a happy and balanced lifestyle. Sign up for ZAP, a win-win for car owners.