Some Mistakes You Ought To Avoid In A Car Accident Settlement

Whether you are suffering from a serious injury or a minor one, everybody has the right to claim and get settled fairly. If you happen to be a victim of some personal injury or may be a car accident victim, then you can claim and get compensated from the insurance company for your damages and loss.

The settlement of the car accident insurance highly depends on what you’ve said or claimed at the accident scene. That unsolicited statements might end up costing you bucks in the money settlement. Be wary of all the risk of legal game if you are thinking of seeking for compensation.  Contact for any legal help for your insurance and get what you deserve.

Car accidents can sometimes be a very traumatic event. In such situations, most of the people often say or do stupid things, which may even become a problem in their insurance claim. They just admit their fault or may threaten the other party, or abuse them or even worst.

Staying calm and measuring every word will be of much help to you in your claim. Once you’ve committed to a fact or a small detail, you’ll always be bound to what you’ve committed. Limiting to what you’ve to say will be of great virtue.

Tips for Negotiation

  • Avoid being too friendly with the adjuster- You must settle the negotiations believing that your claim is true. Don’t let the adjuster handle you. Hence, suppress your inner instinct of friendliness and set a firm business tone in your first encounter.
  • Don’t give them your recorded statement- It will be wise for you to avoid giving any recorded statement unless your attorney is there to advise you.
  • Never let the adjuster fool you– Adjusters are hired so that the claimant admits statements that will benefit the other party. Be aware and don’t let them fool you in any informal discussions.
  • Avoid lying– Avoiding lie is a good advice, and if you are caught in a lie, then you have the chance of losing all your credibility. They will suspect you in anything you have to say.
  • Don’t sign medical releases yet– Until you are near or finishing line of your treatment, you are advised not to sign medical releases, so that you secure the medical records copies from the adjuster.
  • You are advised not to give up your social security number to the adjuster. It will give him a chance to access your personal information that might be useful in their leverage.
  • Avoid discussing any pre-injuries before your accident. They will find a way to relate your injury to the previous one.
  • Don’t exaggerate while speaking to the adjuster.
  • Avoid giving the adjuster your family names, friends, or any work references.
  • Keep in mind that your case may probably advance to trial. You have to repeat what you’ve said or claim in front of the jury. So it is important that you prepare the claim. Avoid taking for granted that your claim might eventually be settled.

It is important that you know what to do and what not to in your settlement negotiation. Seeking or consulting for an advice from an attorney is much preferable in case you are going to claim for your compensation.