A Baby’s Transition from Swaddle Can Be Easy

Newborn babies are placed in a swaddle–a blanket wrap technique that enfolds their arms and legs– from the moment of birth. This swaddle technique wraps the baby securely and provides a calming environment for the newborn, calming the child’s fussiness and aiding in their sleep. Many babies enjoy being swaddled up to six months of age. Once your baby is ready to transition from swaddle to something else that allows for more movement, they still want the coziness and security necessary for a good night’s sleep. So what’s the next step? As long as the baby is still sleeping on his back, a sleep suit may be the answer.

Benefits of a Sleep Suit

A sleep suit is a carefully designed transitional product that can be introduced when the baby is big enough to move to a full-sized crib from a cradle or bassinet. The sleep suit is typically a one-piece suit made of cotton or micro-fleece, that provides the same comfort and security of a swaddle, but gives the child the ability to move his arms and legs. It provides the same soothing environment as a swaddle and facilitates sleep. The baby must still be sleeping solely on his back and must not have anything else in the crib with him. The room temperature should be comfortable for sleep. The child should be sleeping for several hours at a stretch by this time. A sleep suit will surround the child in comfort, keep the baby from twitching and waking prematurely, and eliminates the need for a blanket, since the sleep suit covers the child from head to toe, leaving the hands and feet bare for breathability. Parents have the peace of mind of knowing their child is resting comfortably and that the crib contains nothing that could lead to accidental suffocation. The two-zipper construction allows for easy entry and makes diaper changes a breeze. The neckline is cut a bit deeper, to keep material away from the face.

When to Transition out of a Sleep Suit

Once your baby shows signs of movement while sleeping–rolling over, sleeping on his stomach, crawling–it’s time to transition out of a sleep suit to other types of pajamas. The sleep suit is specifically designed for back sleeping babies only and is an intermediate step making the transition from swaddle an easy one.