3 Tips for More Prepared Holiday Payroll Processes

Everyone wants to go out and have fun making memories with friends and family during the holidays. They should be able to do that. However, the hard truth is that businesses don’t shut down to accommodate people’s desire to enjoy themselves during the holidays. If you’re running a nonprofit organization or are the HR manager at an NPO, here are some things that you can do around the holiday season to make sure your nonprofit organization’s payroll doesn’t run amok.

Let Employees Know about Bonuses

If you’re able to give bonuses this year, then that’s great. Your employees will surely appreciate it, as will their families. If you’re not planning on doling out bonuses this year due to company financial circumstances or something else, be sure to give your employees notice of the fact beforehand. You may be able to swing an extra day off or structure the bonus as a flat dollar amount per employee.

Be Wise When Granting Time Off

Handling time off requests during the holidays can become a sticky mess if you’re not super careful. You understand that it’s important for your employees to see family and friends during the holidays, but it’s also important to consider your business needs when granting requests. When approaching requests for time off during the holidays, consider granting it by setting a first-come first-serve policy, by offering a pay differential, or offering additional time off at a later date. Just as with any relationship, the business-employee relationship may require some compromise on both sides.

Read the Price Tags on Gifts and Budget Accordingly

You want to express your appreciation to your employees for all their hard work and giving them gifts seems to be a great way to do that. It’s very important if this is the route you choose to take, however, that you’re keenly aware of the cost of each gift and how much it’s going to set you back in the budget. For next year, plan to budget at the beginning of the year so that you don’t get caught in a rough patch a year from now.

The holidays are coming up and as you know, that means your workplace will soon be presented with a number of unique challenges. Fortunately, with the right team in place, you’re ready to face these challenges head on. Reach out to Qbixas Accounting Solutions, LLC today for help with your non profit organizations payroll.