7 Effective Ways To Lose Weight

If you are planning a couple of weeks to drop out of the usual training schedule, and not to abandon the festive meals, we recommend you the figure in good shape and lose a few pounds in advance that the results of the festivities were not so sad. Thus, the seven working methods to lose weight.

1. Do not ignore breakfast

Researchers have proven that the systematic refusal of the breakfast provokes weight gain at least 3 – 6 kg. The bottom line is that the body still gets its rate, but not the best possible way. It will require a double dose during lunch and additive during dinner. And if dinner is also late, the power failure mode and fat deposition will be provided.

Therefore, even if you are not hungry, train yourself to breakfast. The morning meal does not turn into overweight and effectively consumed by the body. You can safely eat a juicy steak with pasta. There will also be useful in the eggs and cereals, which are well saturated with the body.

2. Once a week fasting day

Once a week (not more often) do the fasting day. This will help you to remove the 2 – 5 kg. In addition, the discharge day cleanse the body without any drugs. Option handling menu of the day Garnishes with cabbage and 350 grams of meat (lean). Cottage cheese and 400 g dried fruit (or fresh fruits). Divide by 6 meals. Baked pumpkin 1 kg. Divide by 6 meals. 1 kg potatoes baked with the skin or boiled. It is divided into 5 – 6 meals. If not used to fasting day became absolutely unbearable, add the bread to the menu. It is very important to drink plenty of fluids (1.5 – 2 liters).

3. Eat green and orange vegetables and fruits

Oranges, tangerines, peppers, carrots, all kinds of cabbage, apples, cucumbers and other products of orange and green are the indispensable source for losing weight. Nutritionists recommend eating up to 6 servings of these foods daily. You can also consume natural supplements like Hordenine that will help you lose weight with balance.

4. Do not give up first during dinner

Scientists have found that if you start with a lunch of soup, the further use of food during the day is reduced by almost 100 calories. This is due to the fact that the liquid food quickly creates a feeling of satiety and subsequent food for lunch will be eaten in smaller amounts.

5. Fight fast food!

Give up the junk food and start yourself. This solution is not only useful for the organism. During the cooking process, you can get rid of about 150 calories. Prepare low-fat food. Less fried, stewed longer, baked and boiled. Replace mayonnaise, low-fat sour cream.

6. More pepper

Spicy foods burn calories. Scientists were able to prove it. Hot pepper promotes efficient metabolism in the body after ingestion. Also, spicy dishes are eaten more slowly, which means that satiety is felt quickly. However, other hot spices are on the contrary – to awaken the appetite. Therefore, before the use of any hot spices sure to read what properties they have.

7. Combine cardio + strength

Objectives of strength training – increases in strength, muscle volume and density, increased strength endurance. Objectives cardio – increase endurance and fitness of the cardiovascular system. In terms of calorie consumption – at the very strength training or cardio training burns calories is not as much as we would like. But there is a particular combination of these two types of exercise: cardio “burns” fat during training, but almost does not affect the consumption of fat at rest. But strength training is not so strong in the “burning” of fat, but seriously boosts resting metabolism.

These simple weight loss methods are effective without doping and stress to the body in the form of exhausting diets. They have no contraindications and are sure to help you look at all 100 externally, as well as to feel cheerful and energetic.