How To Get To The Innsbruck Airport?

Innsbruck airport, also known under the name of Kranebitten Airport is the largest international airport in the Tyrol area, situated approximately 2.5km center of the Innsbruck. Opened in 1925, this airport deals with local flights around the Alps, but also seasonal European traffic, the activity drastically increasing during winter since there are so many skiers coming in here.

How to get to Innsbruck Airport?

As it is one international airport, Innsbruck airport is mostly connected with every major airport in Europe. They have direct flights from most of the big airports in Europe, including London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Bristol.

What can I do if My City does not have a Direct Line to Innsbruck?

Although most of the airports in Europe do have a direct connection with Innsbruck, there are also flights that only leave in some seasons. As Innsbruck is a sports town, the seasonal lines are open during winter time. This is a way of making sure all people that are willing to go to Innsbruck have the actual chance of getting there. There are also a lot of skiers during winter, so this is why companies needs to supplement their flights to Innsbruck.

If you town does not have a direct line or the flight you wanted to catch is a seasonal one, you must search the closest airport to you which has a direct flight to Innsbruck, book a ticket there and you are all set.

Before you go to Innsbruck, you need to know that their mother tongue is German, so being able to at least say hello in German will not hurt you. At the same time, in case you get lost, make sure you find someone who understands English perfectly so they do not send you in the wrong direction once again. German is a difficult language so no one expects you to talk it fluently.

What other things should I know?

Innsbruck’s public transport system is rather easy, but if you are not a big fan of it you can always try the professional Innsbruck airport taxi. Thanks to their system, you will have a nice and easy ride to your hotel or any other destination for that matter. Professional Innsbruck airport taxi companies can be found all over the Internet. After you found the right one and you booked a trip, you and your family will be awaited at the airport. The driver will take you on your professional Innsbruck airport taxi ride.

Thanks to Professional Innsbruck airport taxi you do not need to worry about getting lost.