5 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Increasing the value of your home is not necessarily a massive, overwhelming project. Knocking down larger jobs into bite-sized, weekend projects can help you make improvements to your home without draining your precious time and energy.

In a tough market you’ll be required to put in some hard work to stand out from the crowd. Unless you are flush with cash use these simple, do it yourself strategies to boost the value of your home.

Re-Do Your Cabinets

Since the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home doing some window dressing can increase your home’s worth at the time of sale. No need to break the bank for a complete cabinet overhaul; just invest in a few cans of paint to smooth out any scratches or areas which need a touch up. Consider neutral colors or white paints to improve your cabinets and kitchen setting. Select modern, simple hardware for your knobs.

Clean Your Floors

Spiffy up your floors. Nothing looks worse than worn, scuffed up, dirty and dusty floors during a viewing. Get out carpet stains by using a steam machine. Polish and buff hardwood floors. Damaged vinyl floors can be addressed with light-colored adhesive squares.

Work on Your Lighting

Replace dated or damaged lights. Changing bulbs, getting rid of tacky light fixtures and ditching the overpowering fluorescent tubes in your kitchen can improve the appeal of your home and boost its value. Use higher wattage bulbs for showings. Improve lighting to show off your home.

Paint Pivotal Rooms

Applying a coat of paint to your master bedroom, kitchen and living room can make all the difference in boosting the value of your home. Painting is an inexpensive and easy way to jazz up your house. Use neutral tones to improve the mood of your dwelling. Avoid dark colors. Darker shades make your rooms look smaller and also add a more somber feel to your home.

Use 1 or 2 similar colors for the rooms in your home. Get rid of wallpaper borders before painting to create a smoother, more uniform look to your rooms.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Improving a passerby’s view from the street can improve the value of your home. Touch up your front door, clean your windows, add styled street numbers to your house and replace your mailbox. Create a visually appealing experience. Since you have a split second to make a positive impression use that tiny window wisely. Improve your home’s presentation by working on your landscaping. Tidy up your front lawn. Lose any toys or lawn ornaments. Trim unruly shrubs, plant a few flowering shrubs in bald spots and place flowering plants along your sidewalk or front walkway to add an inviting touch to your home.

Selling your home can be a stressful experience if you’re on the market for what seems like forever. Using these simple tips can boost your home’s value quickly. Prepare your home from the perspective of a new buyer to sell your property and move into your new digs.

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph shares tips to boost your home’s sale value. If you are an Ohio Valley resident looking for real estate try searching for homes for sale in Bowling Green Kentucky.

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