Minimise The Use Of Paper With Barcode Software

According to a survey conducted among professionals, 50 percent of their time in the office is used in searching for data such as presentation files, stock inventory, and other work related documents. That usually happens when employees rely on filing cabinets (even rooms for some companies) and hard copies.

If you’re afraid of breaking free from traditional data management and collection, it’s time that you realise that it’s not just the consumers who should appreciate the significance of barcoding. Let’s talk about the top four benefits of using barcodes.

Lower Cost of Sharing and Sending

Businesses pay a lot of money towards sending documents every single day. Aside from the shipping fees, you also have to consider the printing costs: the paper used, the ink, and the list could go on and on. If you have several offices in different locations, you may need to print out the information and send the files via express delivery, which is not exactly cheap.

The traditional way of sharing and sending files does not even come close to the paperless system. Let’s say you switched over to the modern process of barcoding. A barcode label software will allow you to store information about your products on your computer which can also be viewed from a different location with the use of the Internet.

For example, your retail outlet is in Sydney and your main warehouse in Japan needs to access the shipping and tracking information. With just a few clicks, that data can be viewed from thousands of miles away without the need to spend hundreds of dollars in courier service. You’re practically saving thousands of dollars annually!

Efficient and Systematic

When it comes to sales and stocks information, you have to make sure that your sales representatives and support staff know which items are in stock, running low or not available. There’s no need to wait for the warehouse guy to pick up the phone and waste precious minutes waiting for him to check the printed records. All you need to do is access the computer and voila, you already have the updated information in front of you. This, of course, frees you and your employees to attend to other urgent tasks.

Environment Friendly

Not only are you helping your employees with a cost effective and time saving scheme, but you are also an instrument in protecting our natural resources. Using paper to make a thousand printouts means cutting down a lot of trees that can lead to bigger environmental problems like flash floods and global warming. Opting for a paperless system or at least minimising the use of paper will put your company in a good light. Your consumers will appreciate you for your concern about protecting the environment.

Eliminates Human Error

With barcoding, fiascos like data entry and payment processing errors can be eliminated. An efficient employee can take care of the data input and the rest of the employees, e.g. warehouse staff and sales representatives, can easily access the information with the use of a barcode scanner without accidentally deleting a digit from the amount or the item number.

It may sound like a small thing, but for big companies who have several similar products on the list, the use of barcode label software and a barcode verifier makes inventory so much easier and error-free.


With all the advantages mentioned, it’s easy to conclude that it’s a big plus on your part to switch to the barcoding system. Look for reliable and easy to manage barcode software to save time, money and effort. And if you’re worried about your technologically-challenged employees, it’s easy to teach them the basics and relate the benefits they can get from such revolutionary processes.

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