4 Tips For Choosing A Toilet

Are you psyched to buy a new toilet for your bathroom? There’s nothing like feeling comfortable in a room that’s designed for rest and relaxation. Before you invest money on a throne do your homework on the different makes and models out there. Be aware of size issues. Tall or elongated toilets may not work well in a cramped bathroom. You also want to keep energy efficiency in mind to lower your bills.

Use these 4 tips for selecting a toilet.

Go Tall or Don’t Go at All

If you want greater comfort during trips to the bathroom consider a taller toilet. Imagine those times when you were crouched on a short, smaller throne. Few people feel at ease in such cramped, tight environments. Go tall. Buy a 17 inch tall toilet versus the 15 inch height that many toilets offer. Not only do taller toilets provide comfort for older or taller folks but you’ll be doing your back and knees a favor by going this route. Even though you may be embarrassed by this test run approach you should sit on the toilet in the store before making a purchase. 10 seconds of discomfort is worth spending money on a toilet that feels uncomfortable to sit on.

Go Pressure-Assisted for Conservation

If you’re big on being friendly to the environment buy a pressure-assisted toilet bowl for your home. These efficient toilets use much less water versus the average throne. Gravity toilets are less water efficient than their pressure-assisted brothers. The main difference is that the latter thrones have a tank which holds pressurized water. Waste is removed after flushing through this pressurized water.

Realize that being nice to the environment does have its downsides. These toilets are much louder than gravity toilets and also cost a prettier penny. Expect to pay at least $100 and look out below after you flush because everybody in the vicinity will be able to hear your business. Maintenance and locating parts may be more of a pain with pressure-assisted toilets.

Gauge Flush Ratings

Hop online to compare flush ratings. Do your due diligence to better understand your long term investment. You can check out flushing performance and toilet testing to familiarize yourself with a toilet’s performance. Patiently see how the toilets stack up against one another before you buy one for your bathroom.

Be Careful about Elongated Bowls

Although elongated bowls can provide you with comfort take into account how the extra size will affect your bathroom. Sure you’ll feel better on the throne but what happens if you can’t open a door or cabinet after having the toilet installed? Do your homework before buying an elongated bowl. Make sure that your bathroom can accommodate the super-sized bowl before investing your money in such a toilet. Whatever toilet you decide to choose for your home be patient during your due diligence. Save yourself time, money and stress by finding the perfect match through preparation. Doing just a tiny bit of legwork makes all the difference in the world.