4 Tips For Better Oral Hygiene

Build a set of pearly whites by improving your oral hygiene. Feeling confidence in your smile is just one benefit of taking care of your teeth and gums. Avoid gum disease, tooth decay and other dental problems which cause pain and embarrassment.

Develop discipline in taking care of your chompers. Sure it’s challenging to brush after each main meal but conditioning yourself to brush regularly can change your habit nature. Make a blanket decision to improve your oral hygiene by following a few simple steps each day. Think about the benefits of having a nice smile and being free of painful and embarrassing gum disease before you bail on your dental duties.

Watch Your Diet

Cut black tea and coffee out of your diet. Also refrain from smoking cigarettes or cigars. These products create unsightly tooth stains. Dark juices, gravies and sodas can also create nasty looking tooth stains which mar your bright smile and affect your oral hygiene negatively. Dark foods are candidates for staining your teeth. Eat apples and drink plenty of water to keep your teeth clean.

Eating fresh veggies and wholesome fruits can improve your overall health and oral hygiene. Just keep your sugar intake to a minimum when eating sweet fruits and make sure to brush after you eat your sugary treat.

Brush Frequently

Brushing your teeth 2 to 3 times daily helps remove stains and foods which can cause tooth decay. If you can do so brush after each meal to keep your oral hygiene in order. Buy stiff bristled brushes for the optimal brushing effect. Toss out your toothbrush after a few months when the bristles become too soft and pliable. Brushing frequently sets a disciplined habit for good oral hygiene.

Brush for at least 2 minutes per session. Use a timer to force yourself to be thorough because you’ll likely forget to brush long enough without being reminded by a timer.

Get Yearly Check Ups

Or if you need to bump up your oral hygiene consider getting checkups every 6 months or so. Going to the dentist regularly helps you spot cavities or signs of gum disease quickly. Stop by your dentist’s office today if you haven’t paid them a visit in years. What’s the worst that could happen? Some people imagine scary scenarios but it makes more sense to address any oral hygiene issues today then watching your hygiene become poorer.

Find a Dentist Who You Like

Go to a dentist who you like to lessen anxiety around taking trips to the dentist’s office. Many people are terrified enough to visit a dentist for fear of the specialist poking around inside of their mouths. Factor in bad chemistry between you and your dentist and the fear factor skyrockets.

Connect with your dentist on a deeper level if you want to enjoy your visits to the office. Even if you dislike trips to the dentist’s office you’ll feel better knowing that you vibe with your specialist. Trusting your dentist and enjoying their company can motivate you to visit them regularly and improve your oral hygiene.