Considering The 2016 Corolla

For those that are looking for a vehicle that is really going to stand out amongst the rest they should be looking at the 2016 Corolla special addition. Then of course there tons more impressive vehicles to see and buy at the Toyota dealer in Tustin .

While there are many impressive things to see on the 2016 Corolla what stands out dramatically is the 17 inch gloss black wheels. The red of the colouring of this car is absolutely superb and it even comes with special addition badging. Inside one can expect to see a black interior that has been highlighted with red stitching and comes with matching accent trims. It is comprised of the Smart Key system along with the pushbutton start. All’s you need to do is have your key FOB in your pocket or purse and you will be able to unlock the front doors or open the trunk and even start your Corolla all with the push of a button.

When it comes to the exterior styling there is no doubt that everyone that sees this car is going to be most impressed with its aerodynamics. It has a sports inspired look to it and it has been wind tunnel tested in accordance with its aerodynamic design. The end result is that it is perfect for handling and gets great fuel economy.

For those that like to put a lot of emphasis on the style of the grill, this Corolla special edition is going to please them. It is a piano black grill that the manufacturer has chosen to highlight with the chrome trim which makes it look absolutely spectacular.

If you want to go even further and have the Corolla LE Echo and S models then you are going to enjoy the rear spoiler that marries up with the bold lines of the rear deck lid. These are just a few of the impressive items that you can look forward to when you are checking out the 2016 Corolla special addition. One may think that this is going to come with a hefty price tag but will be most surprised when they find out that it starts at a very low price and moves up modestly as one adds the extra’s. When it comes to colour choices there are plenty to choose from which may make it most difficult as they are all impressive. For a full line of impressive vehicles to choose from be sure to visit

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