4 Smart Tips For Buying A New Car

You can actually fall in love with car shopping. Make this process stress-free and enjoyable by following these 4 smart tips.

Decide on Your Ideal Car

Locate your new ride by patiently going through your requirements. Most people wouldn’t mind purchasing their dream car but when it comes down to number crunching common sense should prevail. Do you need an automobile to get from Point A to Point B safely? If this is your primary requirement buy a dependable, reasonably priced car which is fuel efficient. Take safety into account too. Purchase a new car which fits your needs and your budget.

Be open as far as the car’s color and options. You’ll have a greater range of automobiles to choose from if you’re flexible. You can also get a better price as far as negotiating goes since you won’t be married to a particular ride.

Get Approved

Get approved for a car loan before you start shopping around for a new ride. Online lenders, credit unions and banks can offer you loans. Check the interest rate on your loan. Are you shocked by how high the rate is? Chances are your credit history is terrible. Shore up loose ends by paying off old debts and fix up your history to qualify for a lower rate. One added benefit of being approved for a loan: you can negotiate as a cash buyer at the car dealership. This means you’ll have more options when it comes to buying time. Keep that bargaining chip in your pocket to get the most advantageous interest rate.

Kick the Tires

Do a thorough walk around to see what you’re buying. Look under the hood for any signs of wear. Even if the car hasn’t been owned yet chances are it’s accumulated a handful of miles during thorough test drives. Inspect the car’s exterior. Do you note any dings or discoloration? If you really want to go over the car with a fine-tooted comb bring your mechanic along for an inspection session. Their trained, professional eyes can spot little details that you may miss.

Don’t assume that “new” means “in pristine condition.” Because of test drive mileage and other factors you may be buying a car that’s been taken around the corner one too many times for the new car asking price.  Thoroughly inspect the vehicle before you buy it.

Test Drive Time

Take the car through its paces to get a feel for the ride. Drive the vehicle for 45 minutes or longer. Envision every possible scenario to best simulate the driving experience. Accelerate into highway traffic. Check out how the car does under the hood. Brake hard at lights, practice parallel parking and do a few K turns. Cruise in local traffic. How does the car handle at low speeds? How quickly does the ride accelerate? Take the car for a test drive to understand what you’re investing in.

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