3 Tips For Pest Control

Almost every homeowner has to face the music at one time in their lives. Even if you keep your home immaculate you’re bound to experience a pest problem. Whether you’re suffering through an infestation or can’t seem to get rid of 1 or 2 pesky critters, seeking out pest control services or using do it yourself means will be at the forefront of your mind.

Since nothing is as embarrassing as having bugs or rodents rear their heads while company is around getting rid of pests for good is likely your greatest priority.

Use these tips to give pests a permanent eviction notice.

Use Powerful Concoctions

Use a potent combination of sugar and borax to keep ants at bay. Fill up a jar and poke holes in the lid for easy sprinkling. Leave the repelling mixture in high traffic areas for ants to do the trick. These little guys can’t resist the sugar rush and the borax will do them in eventually.

Note; do not drop this mixture anywhere close to where children and pets may be playing.

You can cancel out wasps, hornets or other flying pests with hair spray if you don’t have any insect spray handy. Grab a bottle and get busy if you see these winged critters cruising through your home.

Get Rid of Food Sources

Cockroaches and ants may be attracted to food particles. Getting rid of the food source helps you to get rid of the pesky pests. Sweep your home regularly to pick up any loose debris. Wash your dishes immediately after dinner. Never let dishes soak overnight as this may be too tempting for a roach to turn down.

Rats and mice can also be eliminated by keeping your home neat and tidy. Mop your floors and pick up any crumbs with a dust pan. Make sure trash bins are sealed to prevent strong odors from wafting about your house. Be diligent in removing organic trash to get rid of rodents.

Predator species like centipedes and scorpions are attracted to prey like roaches. Rid your home of these tenacious little predators by removing their food source. Cleaning your home will send both the roaches and predators packing quite quickly.

Speak to a Professional

Using a pest control service can make your life significantly easier. Instead of trying to fumble through methods that aren’t working you can outsource your pest elimination campaign while giving yourself increased peace of mind. Use the internet to find reputable services. Speak to any friends or family who’ve had critter problems. Ask around to build a list of potential services to choose from.

Research businesses online and offline to do your legwork. Reputable pest control companies will have a strong presence online. Look for business websites, blogs and online forums to learn more about the business you’re researching. Patiently obtain as much information as possible – including pest control methods – to make an informed, educated decision.

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