Serenity Now: Tips For Making Your Bedroom A More Peaceful Place

Our home is our sanctuary, and creating a space that makes us feel peaceful and relaxed is important. It is particularly so for a room like the bedroom, where we wind down for the day, and get our much-needed sleep. This is a very personal space, and it is likely you perform a variety of other activities there as well—perhaps this is where you like to read or do your meditation. If your current space isn’t exactly the peaceful oasis you would like it to be, here are just a few tips to aid in the transformation.

Consider Repainting the Walls

One of the best ways to express our personality through interior design is the choice of wall color. But, when it comes to creating a peaceful bedroom, some colors will be at odds with this goal. Sit in your room and pay attention to how your walls make you feel. If the color doesn’t invoke a sense of relaxation, or makes you feel stimulated, it might be a good idea to change it. According to Feng Shui, good choices include skin-toned colors, blues, gray and lavender.

Clear Out the Clutter

Because it is such a personal space, the bedroom can easily become cluttered with your various belongings. Physical clutter equals mental clutter—it makes you feel anxious and boxed in. Take inventory of your stuff and figure out a way to clear up your space. Get some storage bins for under the bed; clear out the junk in the closet you never use to make room for anything you still are. Make a habit of making your bed every day, and take a few minutes at some point in the day to tidy up, and prevent the gradual build-up of ‘stuff.’

Create a Seating Area

If you have the space in your room, create a separate seating area. If you like relaxing in your room, just having the bed to sit on can make it hard to fully unwind. Plus, to get the best night’s sleep, it is recommended you avoid non-sleeping activities in the bed. How nice would it be to curl up with a nice book, or simply sit quietly in a comfy chair? You can find plenty of furniture that is designed to work well in bedrooms specifically.

Green It Up

Plants can be a great addition for creating a more serene space. Feeling close to nature is always an effective way to relax and instill a sense of calm. As an added bonus, they naturally purify the air, which is great for your health and promoting better sleep.

Keep Your Mind off Work

Ideally, you won’t have a workspace in your bedroom. If you currently do, consider moving it somewhere else. If that isn’t feasible, get one of those room dividers to keep it out of your view when you are not using it, and right before going to sleep.

Get Lined Curtains

Lined curtains can make the room nice and dark when you are heading off to bed, or anytime you want to create a darker space. Curtains in general are a good idea because they create a more luxurious look that will give you that peaceful, relaxing space you are looking to create.

Follow these simple tips to make your bedroom the most relaxing spot in your house.