3 Profitable Construction Jobs

During recessions construction jobs are often shed quickly. Since building isn’t the highest priority when the economy needs to get back on its feet you better believe that those with construction skills need to get creative when times are tough. If you can be flexible a wide range of jobs are available to you through different niches. Be willing to move a bit outside of your comfort zone. Use your skills to stay afloat during economic downturns.

When the economy does turn around you’ll either be working and prospering in the construction industry or you’ll be well positioned to seize a good job quickly.

Check out these profitable construction jobs.


Working with pipes is a relatively recession-proof business. Whether people are struggling financially or not they will need to use their kitchen and bathroom, right? Think of the troubleshooting skills you’ve developed in the construction field and apply your quick-thinking to this niche. You will likely need to put in an apprenticeship of at least a few years but the returns will be great.

You will know building codes and blueprints down pat and you’ll also know how to install and repair drainage pipes for smaller appliances.

Your employment prospects will likely be dictated by a huge amount of baby boomers who’ll likely retire shortly as well as the installation of efficient plumbing systems. If you wouldn’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty and enjoy manual labor this can be a prospering job.


Construction managers are high paying, respected jobs that are in demand for blue collar employees. The average salary in this field is around 6 figures. This exceeds the salaries of some civil engineers as well as computer systems analysts.

Getting a Bachelor’s degree in building science, construction science or some relevant field will help you score a construction manager job.

Main duties include planning and budgeting for construction projects. If you get your associate’s degree and have some experience in the work place you may be able to get your foot in the door of a management job.

You’ll definitely need excellent communication skills for crafting budget plans and building proposals, managerial experience so you can procure and supervise employees and strong analytical skills so you can work your way through project problems.

As demand for office buildings grow and the population explodes you should see greater opportunities arise for people with construction management experience.

Cost Estimator

If you don’t feel like putting some elbow grease into your work this is one construction job that doesn’t entail manual labor. Get that image of people slaving away at the job out of your mind. Cost estimators may do a tiny bit of manual labor but they are usually crunching numbers back in the office.

Develop your computer skills and learn cost effectiveness of projects as you’ll be required to make budget decisions regularly. Getting certification or a bachelor’s degree in an industry-related field are two ways to increase your chances of landing a cost estimator job.

Montana residents who are eager to find work in the construction industry should contact the Montana Contractors Association.

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