4 Popular Types Of Table Bases For Restaurant

Choosing a perfect table base for restaurants, bars and any commercial areas is not an easy task. The choice of bases must depend on the target customers. There are various materials of which a table base is made. Stainless steel, iron and metal are traditional materials used in making bases. The choice of table bases must be made depending on the area where it will be placed. The base if placed outdoor must be made of durable material. The second thing to be kept in mind is that the base must match the top.

Types of Table Bases:

There are various types of table bases available in the market. The table bases must be bought keeping in mind the target customers. Small bases are appropriate in bars and can support a small top. But in a restaurant the bases must be capable of supporting a huge top. Therefore, one must make the choice according to the need. Following are various types of table bases available in the market:

  1. Round bases:

These bases are perfect for a round top. These are stable and eliminate any scope of rocking. The bases can be cleaned easily. These bases do not allow chairs to be pushed in fully. Therefore, if space is less one must not choose this sort of base. The round table tops are more suitable to be placed on round bases.

  1. T-shaped bases:

The bases are perfect to support elongated rectangular table tops. Popularly used in pairs to support both the edges, these bases are capable of supporting extra weight and are normally long. Normally, the bases are used in restaurants where larger groups are to be hosted.

  1. Cross bases:

Cross bases are used where floor space is lesser. Unlike round bases, these allow the chairs to be pushed in completely while not in use or during sweeping floors. Rectangular and square table tops are best supported by the cross bases.

  1. Cantilever bases:

These are a modern alternative to huge bases that take up much space. Since these bases are mounted on the wall they do not take up floor space at all. This allows easier cleaning of rooms. The bases can support medium sized, rectangular table tops.

The shapes of bases largely control the placement of tops. If the base is not strong enough it may cause rocking on uneven surfaces. Pairing compatible table bases and table tops are difficult. Therefore, before buying a base keep in mind that the base is twice its normal length if it is supporting a thick top. Easily adjustable table bases are available in the market and these make the installation and use comfortable. A state-of-art look, easy to clean, and low maintenance are the prime factors to be considered while choosing table bases.

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