Who and Why for Purchasing Used Lift Trucks

Material handling and lifting vehicle experts from combilift.ca are experienced in the industry and take the credit of supplying used and new lift trucks. They have created many happy customers since decades and potential business makers in the industry. The company is there in existence since 1976 and since then they have expanded consistently to supply business for more than two thousand clients. This company is the perfect choice for purchasing used lift truck due to many strong reasons. The company operates worldwide and has firm roots in Ontario State of Canada. It has been in business at three hundred and twenty clearances St in Brampton. It assures to provide largest range of selection of forklifts and Combilift.

Their after sales service is exclusively good because specialized heavy vehicles have to be serviced by skilled mechanics. They employ minimum ten road mechanics and twelve shop mechanics. All these mechanics are trained in the factory to show availability round the clock or whenever the necessity arises. Each of the mechanical personnel is given with cellular phone to allow cellular communication. All sales personnel are provided with transponders and distributed with territories to avoid the confusion of service visiting areas. This helps to serve the people in more efficient way by keeping up the service timings in professional way. An open ended agreement is made between the seller and buyer. All the services delivered are maintained on books of records. Under the Ontario health and safety norms the sales men are trained to perform safety inspections.

Decision about buying a forklift is not as simple as buying a car for home purpose. This decision is driven by various factors and this company is accepting the assignment to choose the right forklift for the need. All these things are offered in the best negotiable price. The warranty provided on the used forklift depends on the previous usage of the machine. On new machines the warranty is for 5 years or five thousand hours parts. The company suggests the used vehicle by eliminating double handling and staging area. It is expert in deciding the right truck for the customer and proposes the one suitable for all multiple jobs. The same truck can be used from trailer till VNA rack.

The company can accept the requests online and provides quotation for the vehicle either used or new one. The quick quote form has to be filled for obtaining quotation from the company staff. The information mentioned in this form is absolutely secure and never used for other purposes. The details or fields available in the form are name, phone number, city, email address, lift capacity, engine type, new or used choice and model name or number. Last four fields are given with multiple choices and need to be checked from the drop down menu. There are videos available which can be played to see the action of different lifting vehicles. It is to get general idea about the type of the vehicle required and helpful to place the order for suitable one.

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Lary Nineham says that used lift truck can be found at http://combilift.ca/ at a great price. Used forklifts that are well maintained can serve you for years.

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