What To Look For When You Want A Pet-Friendly House

If you’re the person who treats the furry friend like family, then you are reading the right thing. Keep an eye out for these and give your new four legged family member the home it deserves and give yourself a hassle free life. Here’s what to look for when you want a Pet Friendly House.

  1. Floor Trouble:

While multi-coloured rugs hide hair or stains and carpets look good in the house, your new pet may come with troublesome nails and a tendency to make puddles all around the house. For such situations its best to avoid carpets or hardwood floors. An ideal solution would be concrete or tiled floors. Easy to sweep off hair and easy to clean stains, however, do keep in mind that tiles which are too smooth tend to make your pet’s legs weaker. The 2-BHK apartments for sale in Bangalore generally come with such ideal concrete flooring.

  1. Leather:

Leather is your new best friend. While leather is somewhat susceptible to scratches, good leather covers will take almost anything that your pet can throw at it. Easy to clean and highly durable, good leather for protecting your sofa and cushions is perfect to manage pet-related problems and keep the décor stylish at the same time.

  1. A Great Wall:

Pets and children are much the same. Children draw on walls, pets scratch on them. Before you see paint scrapping off the lower parts of your wall and colour fading fast, act fast. First, avoid the easy to scratch textured paint on walls. Second, play it smart and save the gorgeous wall papers for rooms the pets seldom visit. Lastly, use washable flat paint and keep paper towels ready close by to wash off any nuisance as quick as possible. Flat washable paint is very common in the homes for sale in Chennai. Nobody said a pet is easy work right?

  1. A Window View:

Pets are curious friends. While you keep them inside, all that they long for is to know what is happening on the outside. Therefore, for such inquisitiveness, it is good to provide a large window in a room which projects a great view of the outside. This way, more than anything else, your pet is kept busy and happy which means there is lesser time for him to attack the cushions. A high rise 3 BHK flat for sale in Bangalore are the sort of flats which provide the space and the view for pets.

  1. The Breakables:

Your house may have been adorning intricate glass décor or small and homely porcelain items that always caught people’s attention but when it comes to a pet, all he sees, are toys. It’s time to let all of that go and change the décor to accommodate little larger, heavier, non-breakable items. Alternatively you could also keep glass item on the top shelves or inside locked glass cabinets where pets find it harder to get access too.

  1. A doggy door:

A pet friendly house needs an easy entry and exit system which lets him move in and out but keeps the grime from outside, on the outside. A doggy door coupled with a thick mat for him to rub his paws on before he enters the house, is a great idea to ensure a pet friendly access in and out of the house and at the same time, a clean house.

Remember that the house is going to be home to your pets as much as it is for you, so make sure to check all the requirements to make your pets most comfortable. Check on RoofandFloor for houses in ideal neighbourhoods.