3 Ways That A Cleaner Home Benefits and Helps You

Having a clean home (or workspace, car, environment, etc.) does a lot more than it seems. Sure, on the outside it would seem as though the main benefits of cleaning would be to, well, live like a civil person. On the surface this answer would suffice. However, what if we told you that there are more benefits to cleaning and having a clean environment than just the obvious? What if we told you that there are psychological benefits to living, working, and residing in a clean environment? Read along as we show you 5 ways that a cleaner home can be beneficial to you.

Your Attitude

Have you ever been eating some unhealthy food (like a greasy burger) when all of a sudden you just start feeling bad about yourself? It isn’t like your body is getting fatter with each bite you take, but sometimes it can feel this way. The reverse is true as well; try eating clean for an entire week and see how much better you start feeling about your body.

In a similar way, having a clean environment directly affects your attitude. If you come home to a complete mess, you are more likely to start thinking that your entire life is a mess (as much of an exaggeration that it is). Think about how the opposite can affect you as well – if you come home and your home is clean and organized, you are more likely to put that reflection on your life.

So, cleaning can either positively or negatively affect your attitude.

Your Motivation

Notice how when we begin unhealthy habits we just continue doing them? It’s difficult to stop an addiction or habit that isn’t healthy because you’re already living in it. Similarly, it’s difficult to stop living healthy and clean. Believe it or not, once you start noticing results with your body you won’t ever want to go back to living unhealthy. However, something has to happen before you come to this realization.

You have to kick the bad habit.

Let’s put this into context with cleaning. If you are surrounded by unorganized and dirty things you are more likely to be less motivated to clean it up. What’s one more dirty dish going to do, right? Try cleaning and organizing your home and then see how motivated you are to keep it that way. It takes a lot of work to get a home clean which means that you are going to take pride in it. It will start motivating you to continue keeping things clean (not just where you live either).


Once you begin realizing that there are tons of things inside of your home and life that you don’t really have a need for, you will start appreciating simplicity. Simplicity starts with the small things (like getting a Central Vacuum Tacoma system instead of a regular vacuum cleaner). You can even start with something smaller such as cleaning out your drawers. Grab a box and just start throwing stuff in there that you don’t need or that you never use anymore. This will be difficult at first, but after a while it will become addicting and you will realize how many things that you really don’t need.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to cleaning that we don’t really get to see because we are thinking of the physical. Let’s challenge ourselves to see all of the benefits in cleaning and see where that can take us!