What To Know Before Buying CCTV Cameras?

Setting up CCTV camera systems around your business premises is not an easy task. It is an important expense and therefore you need some careful thinking before going through with it. Getting the right CCTV camera system is imperative and you just don’t go out and buy one. First identify the needs that your camera has to meet. Once you know what you need, the task of finding the right one becomes a whole lot easier for you. Here are a few factors you need to consider when buying a CCTV camera:

Start by selecting the right lens because it is the lens that gather light for the sensors. Whatever the viewer sees, all that gets recorded via the lens. In majority of the cases, a better lens is preferred to a higher resolution. Try looking for zoom lens as well. The best CCTV company will offer digital zoom while others provide you with optical zoom. Choose optical zoom wherever possible.

Next choose the right sensor. Not all the sensors are same. Two things you should look into while looking for sensor specifications are sensor type and sensor size.  CMOs and CCDs are sensor types. Both have their pros and cons and therefore, carefully look into both their specifications and decide which one is better suited to meet your requirements. When choosing a sensor size always go for a larger one because the larger the size, the higher is the quality of the image to be produced.

One important specification for CCTV cameras is its TVL, which is the number of horizontal lines of TV resolution it can output. While a high resolution is always good, see to it that the lens and the sensor match the output resolution. Otherwise, the extra resolution gets wasted. It is enough to have a resolution that will display any image clearly. Beyond that, it is not necessary.

Once you have decided on the hardware capabilities, decide on the type of camera that would match your requirements. If it has to cover large outdoor areas like your property or a piece of land, you can opt for a day/night camera. In case you want to monitor your staff, choose a bullet camera. Or if you want cover your business or shop premises, you can buy a ceiling mounted dome camera. Samsung CCTV cameras have all these different types.

While the technical factors apply to any situation irrespective of the intended use, other factors do depend on the intended use of the camera because each type is designed to meet a particular requirement. As a result, some cameras become more useful than others for a given situation. A day/night camera is great for keeping an eye on visitors, but it is not the best choice for monitoring staff or business premises. So identify your needs, consider the above mentioned factors and then make an informed decision on the kind of CCTV camera that you would like to install in and around your premises.