Top 4 Environmental College Programs So You Can Learn And Save The Earth

Learning to be a better steward of the Earth is an excellent goal to set for yourself for quite a few reasons. It’s morally sound, it’s smart, and – in recent years – it’s big business. In order to learn how to be better for the Earth, you have to be taught, and colleges everywhere are picking up on the recent explosion of the green movement. Whether you’re going for a bachelor degree, a doctorate, or simply want to take a few classes, there are programs available for just about every goal.

When shopping for environmental college programs, remember and consider the following options. The Earth is beautiful–it needs people like you to protect it!

Northland College

Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, was driving the green bandwagon before anyone else was even on it. Environmental studies isn’t just part of their curriculum; instead, it is the guiding philosophy of the school. Student life is centered around the extraordinary and awe-inspiring Wisconsin wilderness. The college has a Natural Resources Department, a Nature and Culture Department, and degrees in Environmental Education, Environmental Humanities, and Environmental Studies.

According to the school, Northland “took the visionary step of blending an environmental focus with a liberal arts mission” more than 40 years ago. As an institution that has been part of the green movement for decades, Northland College is a wise choice for any student interested in environmental studies.

Duke University: Nicholas School of the Environment

The Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University offers undergraduate degrees in Environmental Sciences and Policy, Environmental Sciences, and Earth and Ocean Sciences. For those seeking master’s degrees, you can choose to pursue a Master of Environmental Management or a Master of Forestry. On the doctorate level, you can get either an Earth and Ocean Sciences degree, a degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy, or pursue a diploma in Marine Science and Conservation.

Yale University: School of Forestry and Environmental Management

At Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Management, you can take courses in: Climate and Atmospheric Sciences, Forest Biology, Ecology and Conservation Biology, Religion and the Environment, Environmental History, Professional and Environmental Ethics, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology, Water Resources, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Policy, Environmental Management and Technology, Ecosystem Ecology, Forest Management, and many more. And you’ll be getting educated by Yale. That’s pretty dang impressive.

Colorado College: Environmental Program

Colorado College’s Environmental Program offers several options. The Environmental Science Major has three tracks: Integrated Major, Chemistry Concentration, and Physics Concentration. Their Environmental Policy major involves several core classes and required economics classes, with the option of other electives. The school also offers a minor in Environmental Issues.

Not long ago, a degree in environmental studies was all but a throwaway diploma. Now, the green movement is big business that can lead to big bucks – all while maintaining an ethical stance and sense of responsibility that is respectable and smart. What do you think–are there any educational programs that you believe should have been included in this list? Share your thoughts below.

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