Tips On Expanding Space In Your PC By Creating Virtual Hard Drive

You might want to know the reason of your PC getting slow down while operating. Well the common answer for this is either the attack of virus or the less space that is making your PC to operate smoothly. That is why, when you look forward to get your PC back in action, it is better than you improve the space of the disk. There are number of ways to do it but the best way of expanding space in your PC is by creating virtual hard disks. It is trending these days and no doubt people do love it for the convenience which it has been providing.

Know More About Virtual Hard Disk:

You are advised to create a virtual hard disk in VirtualBox. Another option of creating virtual hard disk is in VMware. This will ensure that the size of the disk maximizes in the best possible manner. If you want a good space on the virtual machine, you need to create a partition and enlarge the virtual hard disk. Expanding Virtual Hard Disks is a convenient option to increase the space of the computer and eventually enjoy a fast operating PC. You have to keep in mind that it is necessary to create a back for the hard disk file before you create any operations to avoid getting anything wrong.

Tips To Expand Your Virtual Machine’s Storage Capacity

To Expand Your Virtual Machine’s Storage Capacity, you will have to use the VBoxManage command. It can be done in the Command Prompt window but make sure you first shut down the virtual machine and the data is all saved. Then open the command prompt window and make the necessary changes in the folder of the program file. This will help you run the command without any hassle. Once you open the Command Prompt window that you can find it on the start menu, make the necessary changes but for this, you have to type “C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox”

Then replace the path of the file in the command to the location where you want to resize and then change the size number to which you want to actually enlarge the image.

Some simple tips that will help:

Every process of expanding space in your PC by creating virtual hard drive may vary but your job is to make sure you choose the right source that will give you quick solution. Also please update your computer with antivirus to ensure that unnecessary space does not get blocked. Your aim is to also make sure that you create enough space by uninstalling the applications that are not needed.

Now that you are pretty much clear with the right way of using virtual hard drive, make sure you take every step in a right manner. Remember for creating virtual hard disk there is no hard and fast rule that needs to be followed. Just follow the above mentioned tips and make sure you follow it on regular basis. In case, there is any problem experts are there for your help otherwise, you can visit for further details on the same.