Colour Dilemma: What Paint Should You Choose?

If you haven’t renovated your home then you don’t know the pain of choosing the perfect paint colour. With the infinite amount of options out there, it’s almost impossible to take a quick decision. Let’s not even mention that new shades that are introduced every year. Each tone has its own character and evokes different mood and feelings. Apart from the fact that they can transform completely the living space, they can also affect your well – being. Colours can bring back memories and influence your habits.

When decorating with colour, first and most importantly you should think of the needs of the room. Does it require more energy, inspiration or happiness or it should imply balance, peace and calmness? What type of maintenance and cleaning it requires? Consider the purpose of the room. What is it mostly used for? Do you spend time there relaxing, working or socialising? Some shades work better in stimulating certain activities than others. Cleaning is an important aspect. If the area tends to collect a lot of dust or it easily get stained, you should pick paint that will offset these effects. Here is a quick room – by – room review.

The Living Room

This is the place where the family usually gets together or welcomes friends and relatives. Thus the colour palette should stimulating communication, while setting a casual and warm atmosphere. Earth tones, such as beige and deep brown, work great in this area of your home. These shades are known to encourage conversation and helps establish connection. You might want a little bit more energy in this room. You can achieve it by incorporating yellows and reds in your decor.

The Kitchen

You need to be careful with the colour scheme in the kitchen. If you decide to use bright tones like red, you might find yourself eating more. That is true! Vibrant and intense colours tend to stimulate your appetite. Cooler shades such as blue or neutrals like grey and white will save you from gaining weight. You might make the kitchen cleaning easier by panting the wall near your cooking zone in darker shade. In this way the greasy stains will be more difficult to spot. However, you can use red in your dining room to unleash the hunger of your guests. They will also think you are a better cook.

The Bedroom

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this place should set a calming mood. Again cool shades will fit well into this type of interior. Intense colours can sometimes exhaust you. On the contrary, green, blue and lavender have a relaxing effect. It is proven that these tons decrease the blood pressure. If you dislike this colour palette, you can use pastels as an alternative. Pale yellow, for example, will gently reflect the sunlight coming from your window.

The Bathroom

White and warm colours are traditional choices for the bathroom. Recent trends put an emphasis on the usage of darker tones including black. Again it depends on the effect you want to create. Black is appropriate for a luxurious and spa – like style. If you are looking for a Zen retreat, pick serene tones. Be practical and choose a paint that will be mould resistant. Otherwise you might need to call a carpet cleaning company.

Home Office

You are aiming towards enhancing your productivity. Of course you should be persistent, organized and self –motivated. But the interior of your space and especially the predominant colours can have huge influence on your working habits. Most professionals agree that green is one of the most appropriate colours. It is not too engaging, nor too relaxing. It gives you energy without distracting you from your main tasks. White and neutrals are also among the best tones for a home office.

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