Tips For Customizing Your Car

Is your car in need of an overhaul? You can customize your car tastefully by following the tips shared below. Let your personality flow through your ride by using these 6 tips to customize your ride.

Subtle Rules

Subtle, understated designs can make the greatest impact. Flashiness can catch eyes but you run the risk of being tacky if your love of excess outweighs your common sense. For example, you might ditch chrome wheels and go with matte for a more tasteful approach to accessorizing.

Mind the Interior

Don’t forget to work over your interior. You want to be comfortable and you want style to flow through the inside and outside of your whip. Consider overhauling your upholstery as well as your dashboard to really customize your ride. Allow your personality to shine through your interior. If you’re a huge sports fan consider working your favorite sports team into your interior design.

Use Contrast

Try two-tone contrasting to achieve a tasteful yet eye-catching new car design. Nix the multi-color, tacky approach to pimping out your ride. Using too many colors only confuses folks. Too much busyness. Focus on using 2 separate shades to create a more elegant look. A white interior with dark grey trim can make a car pop. Subtle works.

Keep Size in Mind

If you’re taller or a bit stouter than the average bear customize with size in mind. One size does not fit all when it comes to customizing. In addition to getting your car to look tight you want to keep comfort in mind. The sharpest looking ride won’t do you any good if you feel claustrophobic in your car. Customize to fit your specific body type. If you’re a tall drink of water move back your seat a few inches to accommodate your length. Make sure your car aligns with both your lifestyle and your scale to create a pleasing, comfortable ride.

Go Luxury (on a budget)

Even if you don’t have the resources of a professional athlete or entertainer you can still enjoy luxury. Put your money into a good sound system if you love listening to tunes while cruising. Spoil yourself if you really enjoy music and spend a healthy amount of time in your car. Whatever you most enjoy in a car, feel free to spend a few extra dollars to create a pleasurable experience for yourself. Just be sure to spend on what you most value.

Be Functional

Even though you may want all the bells and whistles you can’t sacrifice safety for looks. For example, the custom business car decal posted to your rear window may obstruct your vision. Is the extra business publicity worth the increased risk of experiencing an accident? In most cases you’d be better off placing the decal in a lower profile area.

Ditto on the oversized tires. You may want bigger wheels but unless you’re also upgrading your brake system you’ll be taking a big risk. Supersize your brakes to handle the bigger wheels. Think safety first to accessorize responsibly.

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